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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GanjaFarmer, Feb 23, 2002.

  1. The seeds I have won't sprout so I have a quick question on cloning.

    I have the capability of getting a clone from a friend of mine. But I don't know which part I should cut. I already have the rooting hormone and my soil mixed soaked and ready to go but which part do I cut. Part of the main stem or will just a predominant leaf?

    Thanks for the Help Everyone.
    Questions and Comments please.

  2. you can use any dominant leaf on the plant just try to cut it under water before you seal it up
  3. What stinkbud said. If the stem is green and soft cut it straight off the stem. If it's older or woodier (if that's a word) cut at a 45 degree angle. Put it straight into distilled water and make another cut a little higher if you think too much air got into it. I hear a couple drops of SuperThrive works well.

    I haven't taken any clones yet but I thought this site mite help you. It has detailed illustrations that will show you where to cut. Good Luck!

    Found a couple more within a couple minutes...but the top one's the best.

    Just do a search on yahoo or google. There's so many free guides out there...

    Like the major said in Ghost in the Shell...the net is vast with information...for the anime lovers.

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