Question, needa expert plz!

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  1. A friend and I are growing in his attic, well will be soon that is. Just need to find a way to get his mom the fuck out of the house so we can finish building a fake wall, finish making a floor and painting walls white, messing around with electricity to be able to use my HPS lights.

    We want to grow lots, and sell, we not some lil white boys that going to get busted and don't have customers and all that, we have perfect idea's and we have customers, cause we buy kilo's and sell but finally we decided to seriously grow.

    I have lots of info, believe I am pretty much set, exept on how big pots should be and how deep the seed should be planted(after germinated of course). Heard smaller pots are good if growing large amounts, not like a damn house full but like lots compared to people just growing like 5 plants.

    How big pots? How deep should seed be in(inches or whatever)? How and when we should cut? I believe we only have 4 feet height, there two attics in his house, kinda fucked up, not sure why they didn't make it one. But might be higher, I will find out for sure probably later today.
  2. go ask your 'homies' you bad ass gangsta.. lol
  3. It was a damn joke that life story I worte, damn...
  4. lol.. u have it mixed up.. "white boys" on my campus have the hookups and never get caught. I answered your questions about the pot size in some other thread.. to lazy to figure out where
  5. I don't need this info I already asked it before and read it a few times, pretty stoned yesturday and asked same shit over and over. Last night my dad was in my room, said he was looking for the cat as his gay ass excuse to search it. He found three j's, I just sat on the chair where I was watching tv in living room when he asking if this is pot, Im just like, so... I really don't care except he took my papers, roller, and three joints and said I can't use their car anymore till I took a drug test :(

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