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    Couldn't figure out a good title but that one works.

    I have dropped twice. The first was a couple months ago at Bonnaroo. I ate 10 hits and lost my mind. Throughout the experience I kept feeling like I had done this before. It felt very familiar. Since then I have been very interested in doing it again but at a much lower dose. I took two hits about five hours ago and the experience still feels very familiar.

    Is this normal? I am just curious if feelings of familiarity of use are common with first and second uses?

    EDIT: Deleted extemporaneous information.
  2. i love these forums, you made me giggle ......alot.

  3. I guess by that you mean it is supposed to feel familiar so I shouldn't over think a good thing.
  4. 10 hits? shit man thats alot of LSD.

    [ame=]YouTube - Too much acid[/ame]
  5. LSD is crazy shit lol. i think it changed me more than any other drug or substance. other than marijuana i guess.
  6. Wow bro. A 10 strip for your first time?


    You gots huevos grande amigo.
  7. yeah dude ive done acid a good amount of times and stiil have not done 10 hits at a time...for your first time 10 hits is fucking insane lol
  8. Hey man! I was at bonnaroo this summer too! I must add, LSD in the brutal heat of a music festival can be a different experience than some liquid in the freezer haha. At bonnaroo, its common to see people eating 20-30 doses each trip, and tripping everyday haha.

    And to answer your question... LSD is subjective. There is no "way that it's supposed to make you feel". Ive experienced intense feelings of familiarity too, in places and circumstances that I wasn't familiar with haha

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