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Question for you seasoned tokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by special_zed, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Alright my younger brother wants to try smoking but he only has one concern....from all the crazy government propoganda he thinks by smoking weed at his age (15 at the moment) it will stunt his growth and he will not grow much more then his height now which is around 5"6 im thinking.

    I tell him that its not true but hey why not get some real information from some experianced guys that i can show him.
  2. Im Still growing and im 18!!! lol. its just propaganda as you said.
  3. Yeah thats not true at all
  4. I'd be more worried about his developing brain, rather than some bullshit stunt theory
  5. Yeah but a recent study said that even heavy long term users that use marijuana it has barely any effects on the brain..
  6. I started at late 10. And Im 6" 1. I think he has no worrys.
  7. It's a load of rubbish in my experience

    many types of people smoke pot there is no real control subject to compare to

    best you can do is compare yourself to your mother and father siblings ect as a personal test not an average

    I started toking at 12 fairly small for my age I'm now 21 still growing from the looks of things

    I also smoke cigarettes roughly the same timeline
  8. Never believe anything the government tells you, They are filthy lying fucking pigs.:mad:
  9. by age fifteen i had been smoking for a year and was 5'11. Once i started smoking, i grew soooo much.
  10. not to metion murdering bastards....killing in the name of?
  11. also hair seems to grow softer more blondeish and smooth

    you'll notice most headshop cashiers or owners who have any sorta beard going on have a hippy ass pube like mess of facial hair not all stiff and stubbly like some drug free straight edge fuck lol


    I dont think 15 is too young. I became a full on pothead at 15, and tried marijuana when i was 12 or 13 and toked a few times here and there untill i was 14 and started smoking more regularaly.

    70 percent of us would be midgets if their propaganda was true. Tell him hes going to get as tall as hes gonna get, and nothings really going to change that.

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