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question for you juggalos

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by u.p.juggalo, May 22, 2006.

  1. did Anybody Killa leave psychopathic records?
  2. who cares abk a fag man i am glad now the group jus needs esham an they n business
  3. ICP, twiztid, and all that sucks hard man.
  4. Fuck the haters. Yeah ABK left the label over some dispute I forgot the exact details. I guess you can look for archive or past news in
  5. Im pretty sure theres more haters than juggalos, I really dont care one way or the other.
  6. I'm with sCaKmY, while I don't necessarily avoid juggalos, all of the juggalo's I know I wish I didn't. Maybe it's just those people, or maybe it is the music (which in my opinion sucks donkey nuts.)

    Except Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne is the shit.
  7. I listen to everything except whiney emo. Sorry. :(
  8. Although I havent really listend to ICP in a long time I think they are good, I saw them in concert a while ago it was good.

    bummer ABK left psychopathic records, people can hate or like it all they want I just think its good. :smoking:
  9. most juggalos nowadays ARE emo....go figure.
  10. I've never met a chill juggalo or emo.

    But I'm sure there are some.

    I personally can't stand the music, it fucks my head.

    TechN9ne is good though, they play in FoCo pretty often.
  11. I was a juggalo but just stopped wearing all my shirts and jerseys. Other kids were playing it out. Plus music is music. What ever floats your boat, right?
  12. <-------Juggalo 4 life and i dont care what anyone else thinks about it:cool:

    and as for you guys he asked a question to all juggalos there was no need for you to come in here and say they suck i am sure there is something you listen to that we dont like this forum is supposed to be a chill place to come and hang out so if you do not have something nice to say dont say anything at all
  13. Ok i have respect for alot of dudes in this thread so im not gonna come here shouting fuck ICP, Twiztid, KmK ,etc.

    I just need to ask, Why does this music appeal to you, i have tried to listen to it before but it just makes me feel gross and does Nothing for me except annoy me.
  14. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the music. Rapping about killing people is no different than rapping about your mad hoes and bling. Even though im a die hard metalhead at heart I listen to different genres and now and then I do like a lotus song or one from technyne.

    But, almost every juggalo I have ever met, I would rather have never known. Most of them are complete assholes that take the music way too seriously. If you say one word even jokingly about "not being down with the clown" they threaten to kill you and call themselves "homicidal maniacs reppin the hatchet".
    This is taking it too far. When you run around with hatchets/knives and act like you can kill anyone whenever you want, you're a complete fucking retard. Nobody has the right to end the life of another, especially not some little kid with makeup on.

    They have also somehow ruined almost every mall in america. I refuse to go to a mall on a friday or saturday because its overrun with these stupid kids.

    This isnt me saying I hate juggalos. This is me saying the music is fine, and the main reason everyone hates on juggalos is because of that large percentage that act like morons.
    Ive had some of my best partying times in a house full of juggalos, but I guess that was because they were mature.
  15. What in the fuck is a juggalo? i thought it was someone who fucked lots n lots of girls to get money? like myself?
  16. it appeals to me because it makes you feel gross and annoys you. :hello:

    haha, na, idk why, it just does..
  17. no joke man every time i go to a mall in my area its loaded with those idiots
  18. kottonmouth kingz are the shit!

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