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Question for the oldschoolers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ibelifted, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. For those of you who grew up in the 60's & 70's (if any on this forum)...what was it like?
  2. Prob just lost interest
  3. i remember him making a post about having to go for a while, i think he said he would probably come back eventually
  4. yea man he was cool peoples!
  5. it says he was last on 3/18/06. . .its not that long ago, hes around. maybe he just busy with things

  6. beat me to it..

    i talk to this guy down at the pizza shop hes the drunk the ushall drunk always comming in.. he was tellin me a 4 finger bag used to be 20$ (hold 4 fingers up to the bag fill it up to the top of 4th finger and spread across bag .. that was their weight system) ..

    another kid said that my town used to e full of hippie stoners and u could walk down street and be offerd acid cubes .. beer was sold on back streets out of trunks like crazy.. joints everywhere .. buy a pack of cigs full for 30$ .. mm mmmm m m mm!
  7. damnnnn weed was mad cheap back then.. It wasn't nearly as good as it is today though..
  8. I'd beg to differ Shamrock, from what I heard mostly weed was better if anything back then.
  9. na man they say weed has gotten like 10x more potent now adays.. Im not a 100%sure though, does anyone know?
  10. They say 14 times stronger. Its very controversial though. Im not certain but there were a lot of variables in the test they ran back then. I dont believe it though. Does that mean if it was taking me a gram to get high it was taking people 14 grams to back then? Doesnt sound correct to me.
  11. I think they mean what our best weed we have in the world now adays, like all the strains from amsterdam are 14x better than what they had back then.. And they're dank was our mids back then
  12. I would think our bud is better nowaday's due to new technology and experiments in labs and what not but either way must of been sweet to just be walkin down the street and offered a joint.
  13. Recently I watched the video "Grass" in my film class and they showed lots of old school videos of weed. Some of the pictures and videos went back to the 40's and it was all mexican dirt weed. I asked my dad about it and he said all they got was mexican shwag, and that the weed he gets these days is like a completley different plant. my father is in his 50s and hes been smokin since he was in the 8th grade, he told me weed back then was only worth it cus it was so cheap.
  14. his last activity was on march 18, but he hasn't posted since december, so i think he's pretty much inactive
  15. I think if you grew up in those times and knew the right people, you could get some Dank bud. The Origional Purple Haze and Acupolko Gold(SP?). I'm guessing those were really good strains and they were better then most of the stuff we get today. But like joints that were being offered were probably schwagg.
  16. i wish i could at least take a hit of purple haze. my friend keeps telling me he knows a guy with a few purple haze plants that he keeps for himself and smokes but i seriously doubt it since the kids still in high school..
  17. he probably lost interest after the explosion of new members.

    no offense, but i know i did man.

    just like classrooms. i'd rather have a class of five students and one teacher, than thirty students and one teacher. i'm use to small groups, so i don't really like large groups such as the two fucking thousands members on here now.
  18. Other than like old school purple haze it was basically shitty dirt weed, there was probally ok buds but due to hydroponics and other growing advances people can grow much better now a days.

    I read once that average weed is 8-15% THC, with the midwest the average is only 3% THC, probally just all the schwagg from mexico. Dank ofcourse is like 15-30ish. Anything above 20 percent is really good stuff.

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