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    say your walking in a dog park and a decent looking guy with nice features walks up to you....

    and asks if you are DTF

    would you? but most importantly, what could a guy say to a women to guarantee a one night stand type deal ? what would you do after you refused and how would you refuse?

    any non-negative input is welcome

    this is all hypothetical of course :p
  2. Just add $120 and you got 30 minutes with a ho'

    I kid, I kid.........
  3. Okay, look kid I got a secret for you. You want to know the magic way to instantly win a night with any girl of your choice you do exactly as follows.

    1. Contrary to popular belief I must suggest you to not shower for at least a week prior to engagement, while some pussies might say they like their man smelling like fruity banana axe natural is much sexier, as soon as they get a whiff of you they are sure to go wild.
    2. Attire is key here, we need to 5VV46 to the max. So I suggest some boots, they show your strength and manlimanliness. Tuxedo pants to show your status and the rich white boy you are. Now I suggest a comfortable fitting wife-beater for simplicity and elegance. The hat is crucial, it is the epitome of swagger so I would stick to the reliable ol' propeller cap to show your boyish charm.
    3. Now presentation, there is mathematical and scientific proof that the following statement is capable of redistributing estrogen and other key sexual hormones utilizing the frequency and pattern of pressure waves generated by this statement, "My rooster is painting the Taj Mahal the color apple."

    If you can successfully follow the instructions provided any female, or male for that matter, will be incapable of refusing even the roughest of anal buttsecks.
  4. If you go for the Saturday Night Fever look, you can woo all the hot ladies on tha dance-f'ing-floor!!

    [​IMG] GIFSoup
  5. i said women not cheerleaders ;)

    more specifically single cougars :D
  6. Never in a million years. Anyone who just walks up to me gets shot down, no matter how they look or what they say. When I was single, one night stand material was a friend of a friend at a party. Or just a friend, lol. But strangers walking up just creeps me out. You need an in first.
  7. I agree with this...mostly.

    I mean idk, there's a time and place for
    everything, and walking up on me with
    my dog seems super sketch.

    Then again, I don't want you following me
    around either so you can talk to me.

    Wait but you said DTF? Do I look like a
    fucking hooker that works in the park
    who walks her dog?

    Dude...don't do that....I'd probably like
    tase you or something, fuckin' weirdo.


    Unless she's a real desperate housewife
    or horny widow...I don't see it happenin'.
  8. A stranger... no

    But if I saw you regularly in the dog park and you were really hot?
    Hell yea :cool:
  9. Thats kind of an odd attitude.
    Are you people shy or something?

    Ofcourse alot of guys are creeps, but imagine he was really good looking and came across as a genuinely nice person. You'd automatically wouldnt want anything to do with this person, just cause you dont know him yet?

  10. well i live in nyc. there are some crazy mofos here... that guy could be ANYONE.
  11. Lol, I love the brutal honesty here...

    Personally, I wouldn't wanna have sex with a girl that was that easy to get.

    Just think of how many other dudes she's said 'yes' to that easily...
  12. haha some pretty funny replies so far

    i was wondering about this one day while walking home (horny of course) through a dog park

    i thought to my self "what if i just walk up to some chick walking her dog ank ask her to fuck?"

    me being horny thought"if im horny walking in a dog park then theres a good chance someone else is too"

    ... but for fear of being tased or something else happening i left it at that and made this thread :smoke:

  13. if you want something your obviously gonna say yes

    if not your gonna say no

    ..regardless of what it is
  14. Right, but what I'm saying is, if it's that easy for you to get in her pants, then most likely other guys have had the same ease.

    I dunno about you, but sluts are a major turn-off for me.
  15. It doesn't matter how hot the guy is I would tell him to fuck off. Even if he ''seemed genuinely nice'' a lot of psychos don't necessarily give off a psycho vibe. No one should take that chance,could end up dead.....or with herpes. Besides like a previous poster said,if it's that easy to get then it isn't worth having.

  16. Not necessarily. Yea she could be a slut, but she could also be on a really long dry spell.

    ok I'll wait for someone to tell me how its impossible for a girl to have a long spell, because if she really wants sex she can have it anytime she wants :rolleyes:
  17. I just spit my drink.

    The way you said it made it sound like it's the norm to be horny at a dog park. That's some high level shit worthy of full creeper status.
  18. I have no great input because 1.This question isn't directed towards me and 2. Even if it was I don't even know how I'd answer. Either way I just read this thread and it made me think of this song. If you like rap music you might enjoy it, if not......well just don't fucking listen to it I guess.Either way enjoy :cool:

    [ame=]Jadakiss - We Fuckin Or What? - YouTube[/ame]
  19. [​IMG]

    Total babe magnet.
  20. YES!!!

    I'm pretty sure if the ugliest dude on Earth walked into any place that had females, panties would drop.

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