Question for mobius owners?

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  1. Hey what's up all? I had a quick question, I just picked up a mobius 60 T. I noticed in the bowl head that their are little tiny bubbles in the glass. It's just in the bowl head the rest of the piece there are no bubbles but just in the bowl head. Is this common? Just want to make sure it's ok never noticed this in any of my other bowl heads.
  2. It's a small defect but nothing to worry about- shouldn't impact functionality at all.
  3. Yea I figured it wouldn't just curious if it was common with mobius. I was really surprised to see it.
  4. How big are the bubbles? I have the Mobius pieces and two have several tiny bubbles throughout, but my Sov pieces do as well.
  5. The bubbles are miniscule. Just a trail of tiny bubbles. It seems it's normal. Wasn't sure with production pieces. But it's all good just wanted to know if it was common, seems like it happens.
  6. Yeah mine has one tiny bubble on the mouthpiece. To me it's just part of blown glass. Nothing to worry about.

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  7. air bubbles weaken the strength of glass, im surprised to hear sov or mobius let a piece out of the shop with noticble air bubbles in the glass. 
  8. I had it a month before I noticed it. It's the size of a pinhead

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