Question for guys about the nature of male/female relationships

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    Do you guys ever feel like the way relationships are promoted by the media and society, etc. anything outside of hip-hop culture is wrong? Like that we think a lot deeper than most of these females and that our relations should cater to that dynamic? Every time I date a girl or whatever it sort of feels like dealing with a child. And when I smoke it's like I can feel internally that things are alright and I don't care about relationship drama or anything else, like a sense of wisdom. Given that I can't really see myself 'commiting' to a woman you know? Like even if I love them it's like a daughter or something, whether that sounds weird or not. Placing them on a level as your equal just seems like foolishness. I'm not even on the whole 'bitches ain't shit' type thing, I have no desire to degrade women. It's just almost like their affection is like a novelty, just a source of enjoyment but nothing deep even if they claim to be. & that the only real relatioship is the one between you and 'god'/the higher power. And when I feel this way I seem to do a lot better with women anyway. Anyone know where I'm coming from? Have I just not met the right one yet or is this pretty much how it is? I think that what I wrote at least describes the majority of females anyway. Only thing is I may want to have kids some day and I don't see how that's gonna work.
  2. Well if you go on with that attitude you are just going to fuck up every relationship you set foot in... so I suggest you don't even try until you find the girl that will turn those ideas around or you resolve it yourself.

    You think placing women on the same level as you is foolish? Then stay away from them before they get hurt. You obviously have never been with a woman who could put you in a different state of mind without trying, but just wait... there will be one. And if none of them can, you have some kind of complex.

  4. You told a dude to punch his girl in the mouth in another thread, yet I'm the one with the complex. Okay
  5. Yeah you seem like a nice person though, deeper than most girls. Just that it seems like for you there's a hundred more shallow minded 'bitches', sweet at times but for the most part one dimensional and fickle. Maybe the same would apply for males as well looking at it from the female perspective, I don't know. But I think you're right that I probably just haven't been with the right person yet. So I shouldn't close up just yet maybe just keep that in mind.

  6. Hah not you man, i was making fun of what Dimelythripsjhe said.
  7. Oh okay cool.
  8. No, he's just discouraged because he's never felt really amazing chemistry before. That can make you think all kinds of things about how relationships are useless, and becoming bitter and negative is something every person can experience... but I'm just saying you should get to know people without being so biased. Otherwise you are just asking for trouble.
  9. Nah you don't know where I'm coming from. Don't worry about it
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    Well of course I don't! I don't know you, and a couple of posts won't change that. But I still encourage you to keep trying, not all girls are shallow bitches. I have loved both men and women, and found that most of humanity is essentially comprised of insecure, lying, cheating scumbags... however... there are exceptions. Those gems make all of the idiots seem insignificant.

  11. :smoke:

    My advice: Don't worry yourself over it. Your entire way of thinking is gonna be different in 10-20 years so just let the current be what it is.
  12. Damm nothing personal, but i dont think grasscity is the best of places to discuss female issues, i mean i think you'd be great for an upcoming maury show episode =)
  13. I used to feel the same way as you... about almost all of my peers. This is because I was raised by a dad who was voted 'most like Coach Carter.' Needless to say, he instilled a lot of common sense in me, and taught me how to think analytically.

    That being said, I have found the love of my life and a few decent friends; surround yourself with people that have the same depth of mind as yourself, unless you want to be frusturated and lonely for the rest of your life.

  14. Your entire post is kind of degrading.

    Maybe the problem is with you? WHY do you keep choosing to date young or immature girls? Girls that you love like a daughter? YUCK!

    Are you the type of guy that a mature, laid-back, honest and fun woman would want to hang out with? Cause, your typing makes you sound like a bit of a spaz.
  15. QFT

    I feel kind of the same way as you do, most of the girls I've gone out with are that way. However, I've found a few who are pretty cool (still crazy in their own ways, but hey, all women are crazy -.-). The way that I found them is by not actively looking for women, I'll just live my life and if someone who is interesting to me comes in then I'll make a move.

    Just because society paints girls out to be creatures who leech from men who can take care of them doesn't mean all of them are, just think of the counter-culture you're a part of simply by smoking weed goddammit.
  16. society has brainwashed you. theres going to be a chick out there who really does it for you and you realize you are equals. guys in relationships INSTANTLY realize i am their equal, goin to college/payin the bills on my own, bound for law school, i dont rely on men or hang on their every word or any of that shit. i chill and do my own thing; same thing you dudes do, hit the bong, lay around, eat excessively, listen to old rock and cruise with friends. (i also hike, exercise regularly, read often, do charity work and write tho) i have a whole life, and a respectable independent one at that thank you.
  17. wow. just wow.

    i honestly don't know what i would do without girl friends. i fucking love them and they are every bit my equal. shit, sometimes i feel i have a long way to go before i'm even at their level!

    i can honestly say that i've been friends with more girls than guys. if you can't see them as your equal, then you're really missing out.

    good luck.
  18. Society and the media like to romanticize relationships (ie Disney and 'happily ever after' bs). 'Happily ever after' happens very rarely and is not the reality for most people. Most people cheat, it's a natural part of Human life. Both men and women are actually designed very well for cheating AND getting away with it but women are of course more discreet at it and get away with it more often than men. They are also better 'lie detectors' and fabricate better stories.

    It's all about reproductive success over an individuals lifetime (If you want the meaning of life, there it is!). Each individual has their own way of maximizing their own reproductive success and the ones who are most successful leave the most children and their strategies are passed on. Whether it be rape, bisexuality, infidelity, prostitution, or partner swapping they all are designed to maximize their reproductive success.

    A great book that goes into a lot more detail is called Sperm Wars. Perhaps the best book I've read on Human Sexuality.
  19. Thanks for your responses, I appreciate your sincerity and insight.

  20. dude. this ftw:hello:

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