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  1. Something I do not understand. I have a few friends whom are girls and that's all we are, friends. That's fine. I can live with that, but most of these friends of the female persuasion seem to have trouble talking about sex at all. I love talking about sex with anyone, especially girls and everytime the subject comes up, no pun intended, they all shy away! I always thought that I was close with my guy friends cause I caould ay just about anything anytime but with these girls anything is fine except sex. Maybe we're not as good of friends as I think, maybe these girls happen to be shy, maybe girls don't like talking about sex with guys as a general rule. I'll be honest, I haven't had many serious girlfriends and i'd like to think that when I finnaly settle down with someone I'd be ble to discuss anything, even something as personal as sex. I may jus be venting but...thoughts?
  2. If you can't talk about sex, you probably shouldn't be having it.
  3. im with gimmie
    if your not comfy enough to be able to at least have a vague discussion about it, then your prolly not too comfy with th process as a whole

    i can talk about sex, in detail with any one..will i obligingly give all info..not always...if its none of your business in my eyes or you somehow manage to cross the line...idk..nvr happened with friends...then ill tell you so and leave it at i embarrassed, no, but if i dont kno you and your asking me if i like certain things and this and that...then your gonna get told that i dont appreciate it

    but yeah..i can easily talk about sex to anyone that i kno
  4. we'll talk to you about sex all day :hello:
  5. yea being shy about something usually means A) they've got major insecurities or B) they're uncomfortable with you personally. not assuming either is true. it could be something else, but those are the two most likely options...

    but hell, sex is fun to talk about so i dont get it. obviuosly we can all talk here lol. good times etc :)
  6. Maybe with them, they were raised to believe there are certain things "ladies" don't talk about, so a sexual topic is very taboo for them which would equal their shyness.
  7. with my group, the girls all talk about sex and the guys always tell us to stfu. it seems as though those girls are not comfortable with inner sexuality. or they just need a good fuck.
  8. i talk about sex all the time to my guy friends. most of my guy friends know more about my sex life than my girl friends! it seems to me maybe there not gettin any.
  9. hmm...

    i'm seeing a trend.

    this may be your answer, craiggers :p
  10. Yeah, us GC girls have a tendency to get kinda dirty........
  11. agreed with everything already stated above...
    I'm a girl, and work in a salon with all girls, and all we talk about is sex, for the most part. it's probably my favorite subject. I think maybe some girls just aren't open enough with themselves to talk to others about the subject? who knows.
  12. well the girls you are around are weird

    i personally love sex and dont mind talking about it at all especially with close friends
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    I wish i could talk abotu sex with my guy friends. But not to sound prude or nething or be full of myself, they rnt the best looking, and Im pretty sure I have look goings for me. So kind of actionless friends. So if I say shit to them, they just tell everyone, and that not fair to my girl.

    Me and my girl love talking about our sex lifee, and especially when something funny happens while were doing it lol

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