Question for GG?? i have a sick girl!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by whitey_1st, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Please could you diagnose my sick girl.
    She is the only one out of 7 which has this problem.
    The smaller Bud leaves have started curling under neath the leave at both edges??


    I gave the plant 2 litres of water instead of 1 litre 3 days ago, to help flush out any ferts, as i should harvest some buds soon. (all the pistils are brown).

    What do you think??
  2. My guess, Low PH causing K lockout? Whats your run-off pH?
  3. nitrogen toxicity

    extremely dark green leaves & the classic "claw" appearance

    you need to flush your plant.
    Flush with PH corrected water, till in optimum PH range, 3 times the volume of the pots rule of thumb but may require much more flushing if the rootball is thick & sour
  4. you really should provide more info. for a correct diagnosis.
  5. take a look aat my thread ????? <-- (that s the name of it on this pg) my plants had the same exact problem, nitrogen toxicity, there still recovering the doc helpd me out, good luck peace
  6. Thanks to all for the advice...

    Kranko i checked out your thread and have know flushed the plant with 6.8 ph water with a run off 6.7. So hopefully the problem shouldn't persist.

    But i understand the claw effect will not go away from the effected plant.

    Thanks to GG for the original advice.

    The plant should be ready to harvest soon, but i take it the buds will still have traces of nitrogen in them. I have been flushing with PH corrected water for over a week.

    How long will it take to flush?

  7. did u harvest yet, if so how did they end up, if not r u still showing any signs of the N toxicity?

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