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    This is my first post , soo im new to the forums but ive been "lurking" for the past year or so. I smoke mainly blunts, love them, and had a nice glass pipe i used at times but that got taken from the cops a couple months ago. Ok so im a female, and like many others i get my nails done, acrylic tips of course. So when i dont have my nails done i bite and pick at my natural nails till they practically hurt, hence why i get them done & get tips.

    Now question for you ladies(who have acrylic tips or naturally longer nails, like 1/3 in. past fingertips) do you find it harder to roll your blunts/joints? If i dont have my nails done i can roll a cannon a nice perfect tight ass blunt, that even my boyfriend said i roll better than him lol i can still roll with acrylic tips just not as good as normally and its so frustrating even just breakin the bud up lol so ladies do you have any tips or suggestions? I cant sacrifice my nails! There so feminine and i love them so thats out the question lol

    sorry this was so long ! It was only like 3 sentences in my head haha thanks in advance!
  2. 45 views but not one female? :(
  3. Acrylic nails aren't too popular where I'm from but I worked with one girl that had them and we used to burn together and the few times she rolled she used the sides of her fingers instead of the tips (which is the normal way). Just keep your thumbs parallel to the paper so they don't get in the way while rolling. As for breaking up the weed I would just use a grinder considering its a good tool to have when rolling anywho.
  4. Thanks for replying! I do use the sides of my fingers the tips just get in the way and sometimes and like move the weed that i had just gotten perfectly distributed haha than i just get annoyed. I had a grinder, well still do butttt lost the top so its pretty much useless now :( lol been procrastinating on that..thank you!
  5. I've got a friend from work who always has her nails done like that, rolls the nicest bats I've ever seen.

    She makes them work for her, makes it much easier for her to tuck I guess.
  6. I'm a female... but I don't get my nails done that often. And I also onlt smoke blunts every now and then. But coming from experience with having nails and knowing how they feel and how to roll a blunt... I agree with the other posters, use the sides of your thumbs. I do that anyway because I suck at rolling haha (use a pipe).

    As for breaking it up, what I do is I take some cuticle scissors (you can get a small cheap manicure kit at a dollar store), and I take the scissors and put the weed between my thumb and index finger, and slide the scissors between those fingers and cut the weed while still holding it. It almost looks like I'm trying to cut the pads of my fingers off but I'm not lol. No finger nails in the way when doing it like that.
  7. Well you could just get a rolling machine and start rolling bones but if your preference is blunts then I say practice, practice, practice! Orrrrr....cut those two pointer finger nails off and keep the rest:D

  8. HAHAH...reverse crack nails, I like it.
  9. They make blunt rollers too. I mean whats the fun in using a machine to roll. But to each his own.
  10. Not a chick but I'm sure if you practice working around it, you'll find a way. Practice with your nails some more and I'm sure it won't matter. Either that or just move to bowls/bongs and just roll up a blunt when your nails aren't done. Orrrrrr get your nails a tad bit shorter? Maybe that'll help.
  11. God I'm fucking glad I'm a male. All I gotta say :)
  12. OP found a pic on google of a chick with nails holding a blunt. OP made story about it. OP can noew pretend to be a chick for their whole grasscity career. I am drunk please do not take anything I say into consideration.
  13. Actually having longer nails helps me! and it looks so damn sexy too :D
  14. Acrylic nails are very bad for your nail bed. :(
  15. Lol not at all, i was serious when posting this..but you were drunk soo i will not take this into consideration :laughing:

    Thank you all for the other replies, lol im gettin better with the nails now, just takes some practice. Lol and yes they do look damn sexy! @highkitty22 lol
  16. I agree, rolling is actually fun/exciting to me haha
  17. Its fun to me too, i love taking my time and perfecting it lol
  18. I had them done for prom, i must say im not a fan, though it did stop me chewing them haha. I like to feel natural though, so i dont go for all the make up and such.

    So my first tip would be go a bit shorter, they wont make you look any less fem, i naturally grow mine so i have a 3mm tip, If i had to have them now id have a short french manni.

    When i got them for prom a struggled to roll at first but then got the hang of it after a litttle while, i guess im the same now as i dont bite them down anymore, when i do cut my nails i feel like i loose some of my rolling control for some reason.

    My second suggestion is a terrible one, get a rolling machine :( I cant say iv ever used one for a J, youd have to pack it real full.

    Just keep practicing? Soon youll just ignore it, i bet you got used to typing on your phone and other things.

    Get those premade cones?

    Just use a pipe?

    Spend more time when rolling?

    Use a bong?

    Im throwing everything i can think of but in all honesty i think youll just get used to it after a while, just keep rolling! Good luck!

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