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  1. I have some autos that I have been vegging indoors that have just showed sex. I want to continue vegging them but my ultimate goal all along was to get them outdoors. I am now afraid that when I kick them out they are gonna go full blown flowering since we are now getting about 14.5 hours of daylight a day. Any thoughts on preventing this? Thanks all.
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  3. Do you know what autos are. They have nothing to do with the amount of light you give them. They flower once they are ready to flower.
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  4. Okay yes I know what they are. I read another post by a knowledgeable person that said when they go into preflower to continue veg nutes and the first week to two after sexing is when they will really stretch and put on size. However you can shorten your light cycle to make them go full flower and shorten finishing times if you wanted. So my question is he totally off base or should I keep them indoors 24/0 for the next 2 weeks before I kick them out?
  5. Most autos are 8-10 weeks from start to finish. Light period does not apply.
  6. Auto's do NOT use photoperiod for flowering. You can grow them in the dark and they will still flower.
  7. Personally, i would keep them under light as long as you can. Lighting for autos = more yeild. THe longer they are under lights (24/0) the more they will yeild. Putting them outside might actually hurt your yeild if your using good enough lighting inside as outdoors they would only get about 14hrs of light.
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    Well apparently you don't. There is no sexing involved. They are fem seeds and no feeding them more N will not make the veg longer. It's the rudalis strain in it that makes it flower on its own . It's genetics determine when it will flower. Not anything you do.

    Oh want to hear something crazy. I don't even grow autos. It's amazing what some reading will do.
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  9. I dunno about that, without photosynthesis your plant won't have enough energy to grow, let alone flower
    but yeah, light isn't period specific with autos
  10. I think that was the point he was trying to make. I think that is why most people run auto inside at 20/4
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    SGT there are hella non fem auto seeds check it out. Thanks got the legit answers I appreciate it. I know they will flower regardless what o didn't know is a plant can't be thrown from preflowering to full flowering. The thing I was reading basically said depending on nutes that at sex the plant would concentrate more on budding or stretch out another week or two. Such as nitrogen promotes veg that was just what dude said so I wanted you experts to weigh in. Has anyone actually tossed one outside immediately after sex? I have 2 same age I may do one each way and report if there was any notable difference if anyone cares. Anyways I appreciate the help that'd what I was hoping to hear that it wouldn't make a difference in overall size. Thanks GC.
  12. Nitrogen does not promote veg, it facilitates it.  Light schedule, and genetics are the 2 primary triggers for flowering.  Since your using autos genetics is the only relevant topic.
    Simplify things, no matter what environment you provide, your autos will flower.. Tweakz was right, but a more accurate way to put it they can grow in 24 hr light and still flower, in the dark they die. Lol.
    I've grown autos inside and out.  Imo they are suited for indoor.  Just my opinion.  If you do put them outside, you want to do it soon as we are approaching the longest daylight hours.
    One more misconception I've found is the flowering time of an auto flower strain may be 8-10 weeks, but they will veg for 2-4 weeks.   From seeds to harvest expect about 13 weeks total.  I've only grown a couple of autos, they have all taken this long.
    Hope this helps.
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  13. Patrio can we get a Smile face of the Cowboy beating another Smile with a dead horse???
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    In a month the "Am I too late?" and the "Guess my yield" threads will start. At least twice a year in the dead of winter, someone will ask if they can pull off an outdoor crop when its 20F outside. Don't forget the crowd favorite "What kind do you think this is?".

    It's all good though, most times I just move one. In this case I chimed in a bit because it seems OP has done a bit of research, but confused putting it all together. More important it sounds like he's gotten some suspect advice on what role nutrients play.

    Good luck this season Shifty.
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    Thanks Patriot going good so far. For sure gotta put them out even thou I agree inside would be better. By the way thanks for noticing the research I have done tons and this will be the dumbest question I ask. My real confusion was with whole flowering and preflowering. If I would have held off a little longer I would have understood it better as I do now. I have made mistakes and learned a lot about problems and correcting them. Think this is gonna be a good season. Thanks a lot everyone I just got apprehensive and jump the gun due to the fact I've already had some dissapointments this year but I'm not giving up.

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