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Question dealing with parents.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by _jw_, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. First off, I just want to say I know these posts are obnoxious and overdone. My apologies, I just want to hear your opinions. :)

    So I've been smoking for about 3 years now, for the first year and a half I kept my smoking very secretive and there were only about 5 people who knew about it. After that, I got more comfortable telling people about my smoking and over time it must became more evident to my parents that I smoke. Then about 6 months ago, my father got into my car and stumbled upon my glass spoon (loaded with resin). Being a frequent smoker in his younger years, he confronted me and pretty much told me he only has a problem with it because it's illegal. When my mother was informed, she pretty much said the same thing, however, she is very anti-drug and everything else of that sort. They have let me know that they plan to test me at the end of this month. Occasionally they will bring the issue up and it's always in a teasing manner. It's makes me feel like they don't really have a problem with me doing it as long as it's not very often and I just let them know that I'm doing it.

    In your opinion, when I smoke next and other times in the future, should I just casually let them know afterwards?

    (BTW, I am 18 years of age so I don't want any false accusations being made. Also, please don't bother posting if it's not going to be realistic.)
  2. If they're dead this isn't a problem. (kill them)
  3. Even though I'm contradicting myself by liking the above comment, it made me laugh. Exception granted haha
  4. Keep it to yourself, no need to wave it in their face. The cord is cut at 18 and they know it though they may not agree with it. I had to deal with this with my 2 son's, now their in their 30's and smoking just fine. Don't advertise.:cool:
  5. The most realistic solution is to move out. Then you don't have to worry about them.
  6. lol
  7. I'd say call them out on their attitude and on their test at the end of the month. Ask them (straight to their face, but not confrontational) why theyre testing you. Then ask why theyre so lax about bringing it up (you said they do it in a joking manner) if theyre gonna bother to test you (the way I see it, test = they don't want you smoking). What theyre doing is very contradicting. If theyre going to joke about it, then they shouldnt try to stop you. Also remind them how you can be (I'm just gonna go ahead and assume you are) a responsible smoker that takes care of their shit to not get caught or caught up in sketchy situations. good luck breh
  8. I'm in the same exact predicament as you dude. My dad's found my stash a couple times & sometimes he'd just be like hide it better or he would take it. Only reason he won't let me smoke is because it's illegal. My mom is very anti-drug as well & she still doesn't know I smoke, my dad was nice enough to keep it a secret between me & him. I still smoke and I don't tell them every time I spark up. Honestly, I think they'd just be more mad for the fact that they don't want me doing it because it's illegal. Nothing's gonna change that unless it's legalized, so your parents will probably still be upset every time you tell them that you just smoked. So if I were you, I'd still smoke, not tell them, but try to be more stealthy and not let them suspect anything.
  9. I'm in the same predicament as you and frosty.

    I'm planning on showing my parents why it's "illegal" in having them watch the union.

  10. From what I've heard most parents would slap their kid in the face for showing them that rather than collecting the facts
  11. Dont tell your parents after you smoke. Just keep blazing and don't make it obvious.
  12. Fail the test and don't worry about it. You said they don't have a problem, so if they see it come up as negative, the test is only stating the obvious.

  13. i partially agree with you.

    the OP should pass the drug test in a month, and start smoking again secretly for a while. eventually the parents will find out again and you'll either go through all this again or they'll be more ok with it.

    you're also 18, so they can't make you do anything. that includes pissing in a cup.

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