question bout my new vape?

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  1. finally decided to buy a vaporizer, so i got this thing called a "mini-vape" for a hundred dollars today, its a small wooden box with a glass cover and a stem coming out, with a big hole in the middle for mah herb.

    what seems wierd is that on the side of the hole, there is a small section that is about 2 millimeters lower than the glass and runs to the end of the box, it looks like its meant to be there, but it creates a little exit hole for i going to lose vapor? am i making any sense at all? thank you :D
  2. Small wooden box? Sounds like you got a magic flight launch box.. and if you did you'll love it.. The hole is for the battery
  3. its not the magic flight launch box but its pretty much exactly the scared i got some bad knockoff brand :( it looks exactly the same except the wood looks pretty low quality...not like the pictures of the mflb i saw.

    also just one question, can i use any aa batteries or does it need special ones
  4. Needs to be rechargable double a batteries.. I hope you didn't get a knockoff for a 100 bucks.. You could of got the real deal for the same price.. And i love mine to death.. You have to peel the skin off the batteries also..
  5. Haha WTF there are MFLB knockoffs in the market now? And for the same price too lol. Can you post some pictures
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    i dont have a camara but it looks exactly the same but the wood doesnt look as nice, and the box it came in says "mini vape" but has nothing on it to indicate where i could find out more about the company. i got it from a smoke shop too.

    i used it yesterday and it got me high as fuck though.

    is there any way to post a picture from my cell phone?
  7. You should have taken it back, you have no clue what materials were used to make it. You could be inhaling toxic fumes ect... I would try and take it back and get the real thing for the same price.
  8. return it if you can and get the original. if not, enjoy it i guess :smoke:

  9. i think im going to...because i smoked out of it for about 20 minutes total, and i got 3 hits that were strangely harsh...kind of scared me a little bit, cause iv got no idea what the hell else is sitting inside that contraption. scared im inhaling some metal or some shit
  10. Good because there is no sense settling for a knock-off when you can have the real one for the same price.

  11. was just the only vaporizer they had in the shop and i was in a hurry...really stupid of me. what are the chances of them taking it back?
  12. Very doubtful.. All you can do is hope bro.. Hope the best for you..

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