Question: Am I A Bitch

Discussion in 'General' started by MARIA, May 4, 2006.

  1. ok so i have this friend who doesnt really smoke, she used to but not often........she promised me she would smoke with me when her boyfriend goes out of town........she doesnt want him or anyone else knowing being that she is the store manager at the place i work at.........anyways so i her boyfriend went out of town, i told her to call me when she had time.......she hasnt called me and i had one joint left today til friday when i get paid.......i went yesterday without smoking it cause i wanted to save it for her....i was having a bad day today so i said fuck it and smoked it...........her boyfriend might get back friday and i have no other way of getting any for us until friday........anyways was i being a bitch by not waiting.......cause her sister told me she will most likely call me tomorrow but she didnt tell me this til after i smoked it........
  2. no you are not a bitch. She should have called you sooner to let you know what was up. It sounded like you needed the joint more than her so it see it as fine that you smoked it

    too bad for her :smoke:
  3. Sucks to be her, ha!

    I mean it's kinda sleazy that you said you'd smoke with her and now you won't, but fuck it, if she's gonna be all weird about smoking it's her own damn fault she's not smoking (since she could just drop the whole "nice girl" bullshit and just buy a damn sack instead of relying on friends)
  4. no, you aint a bitch, but you couldve only smoked 1/2 or something :) lol
  5. No way.

    Owner gets full control of his/her herb. Tough luck for the smokee.

    Sometimes i gotta lay down the law and say im not smoking anybody because im low on cash or whatever. I don't feel like an asshole at all, my money, my dope, you're lucky if you get smoked out.

    Don't get me wrong, i will always help out a friend if i can afford it.
  6. Her loss.
  7. Nah, it's your bud and in the end it's your decision. If you feel bad, try a little harder to find a little sack so you can still smoke with her. If it's absolutely impossible then just tell her it'll have to happen some other time.
  8. A bitch would smoke it and not give ashit. do u give a shit?
  9. it's your bud. you can do whatever you felt like doing with it.

    i never feel like an asshole when i tell people that they aren't getting smoked up. or at least not for free.

    ^^don't take that the wrong way. i used to get mooched a lot, and i don't take that shit anymore.
  10. If the people you roll w/ aren't real enough to handle the way things go, find some new cats to chill w/... no joke.
  11. Try to convicne her to smoke when her boyfriend is in town, just make her feel safe somewhere. If she's that paranoid she might not go for it but you never know. Maybe he's a super stealthy toker and then he'll find out she tried it and they will grow ever so much closer because of it. It's worth a shot.
  12. No, I would not say you r a bitch I would just say you r greedy...... Just kidding. Your buds right? Its all good sis. JOE>:D
  13. Not a bitch... just if she decided to smoke make her pay for some, and tell her that you'll pay her back when you get money.... fair deal i say.
  14. nah. good question. I mean, sometimes I'll offer to smoke out my friends, but I always make sure to have enough bud when I ask. That way, I could wait like a week and a half before I MIGHT run out. Still, holding onto weed that you're going to give away is always difficult not to smoke when you're running short.

    You're definately not at fault here, but next time you might want to make sure you have enough to share before offering, it's just some common courtesy, but it's not like it's a big deal if you break it, it just kinda sucks for your friend a bit.

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