Question. Added another light, heat is increasing drastically.

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  1. I'm trying to get the temps as low as possible, I was running 600W HPS but now I'm running 1200W! So hot in there and I did my best to get the temps as low as possible but so far I managed to get it down to 27.7.
    What's the highest temp I can have in there and yet not harm the plants in any way or stop/delay the growth rate.

  2. 28 is about as high as i would want
  3. leave the tent open.
  4. I left the tent-window open and had the fan blow the air directly on the plants (don't know if it's a good idea). But the temps seem to drop down, it's showing me 26 point something.
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    I had to cut holes in my floor to exhaust the hot air in the basement. Its a easy fix when I need to repair it but ill need new flooring (carpet or fake wood)

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  6. Now it's down to 25.4 and it doesn't seem to go down anymore. It goes up and down from 25.4 to 25.5.
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    I grow out in the open and use curtains made from space blanket, the hot air can flow out the top and cool air come in from the bottom.
    its still warm in my rooms.. 72 55rh in the veg room.

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