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Discussion in 'General' started by marqus139, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. about 2 weeks ago i rolled, it sucked. my temperature shot up to 105 and i started sweating really badly and my body got super hot. (i would take ice cubes and they would melt in like 2 minutes when on my body. my roll lasted from 9:15-12:45, everybody else's lasted untile about 2:30-3:00. i also would drink a shit load of water and wouldn;t piss it out, i would just sweat it out instantly. i think this happened because earlier that day i had taken the SAT and took a 30mg XR Adderall to help. usually when i take adderall and smoke my highs are shorter but more intense. when i rolled it was shorter and a lot more intense. my friends also told me that i also turned senile (spelling) and couldn;t figure out how to do shit. (like set up my hooka, which i had set up a million times before. i was just wondering if anybody knew if i should roll again this weekend. if its safe and all. also if anyone knows for sure why this happened when i rolled.
  2. if your gonna roll again id try and do it when i hadnt taken that adderall atleast that day
  3. it most definately was the adderall. First and only time I took adderall I got sweaty, anxious, disorientated, and couldnt sleep. I hated it. Just roll next tiem and you will be fine. I would take 2 pills
  4. taking aderal with ecstasy wouldnt pose any negative effects, whenever i have taken E i always forgot and took my aderal that day(20mg XR)

    and most ecstasy is cut with amphatamines and things of that nature anyways, so u are prolly getting some of that in the roll anyways

    ecstasy is a fun drug as long as their good rolls
  5. Maybe the pill was PMA...that has been known to increase body temperature to dangerous levels and is sometimes substituted for ecstasy.
  6. if he dosnt take aderall daily its gonna mess with him way more than someone with a prescription. I most def. would not take the two together.

    1 30mg aderall with keep me up pretty much all night, and i will be a sweaty mess all day (although i will tear up some mother fucking school work). I wouldnt take it with x again. and dont drink a super huge amount of water on x, that could kill you, just drink enough to keep hydrated.

  7. the point i was really trying to make was most ecstasy pills are not pure mdma, and are usually cut with caffeine, dxm, or methamphatamines, so the aderal shouldnt pose any different effects

    i have taken a few rolls where u can tell where cut with meth, but its just a more speedy high than a nice pure mdma high

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