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  1. Someone ever tried to give the white widow in the last 2 weeks of flowering 8 hours lights and not 12/12
    I read somewhere that 2 weeks of 8/16 makes the budds bigger and more sugary
  2. Be careful with "believing" everything you read......I commend you for asking here instead of just doing it...

    With that said, I personally don't do that.............with any strain
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  3. I know this technique is used on long flowering sativas in the last couple of weeks to promote senescence because they tend to keep going and foxtailing. I find it hard to believe it will cause the plants to grow more mass than they would with more light hours, if anything the opposite sounds more logical.

    Do you have a source on that info?
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  4. think its another 'Urban Myth ' ,theres a lot of them about ,,:) .mac,
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  5. Photosynthesis make the buds bigger and produce trichomes. Total myth bro
  6. From leafly

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    still a myth. It's not possible. That's not how plants work. You'll find that with cannabis there's a lot of "stoner science" and old dated information out there that's taken as truth by many. I've seen other odd things on leafly and other cannabis related sites

    Leafly on my devices lol totally different. Do you have a link to that page?
  8. "Changing light cycle to 8 hours during final 2 weeks of flowering prevents regrowth of buds"
    This makes sense, kinda what I said earlier.

    "stress will induce better resin coverage"
    This is also known but has nothing to do with the 8h light cycle but rather that using stress on cannabis during flower (by training and/or pruning, etc) can promote better cannabinoid/terpine prodction. Again nothing to do with light cycle.
  9. That part about preventing regrowth of buds is kind of an odd statement actually. Cannibis buds tend grow and swell up the last couple weeks of flower, last thing I would want to do is prevent, hurting the final yield.
  10. I think by reflowering they mean foxtailing.
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  11. Weird way of putting it.
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