Question about Whipped Cream Nitrous Oxide.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dope.fiend.xtc, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. ok well .
    earlierr my dad bought whipped cream. it hasnt been open so i decided to try the N2O in it .
    this was the first time . so i did it and i got a little body buzz for about 30 seconds . i tried to do it again but whiipped cream splattered out!
    noww i cant get just the N20 out whipped cream comes out.
    so my question basically is.. am i screwed for getting just the N20 out .
    is it like a once the whipped cream comes out your shit out of luck type deal?
    thankss :)
  2. you done did it! :rolleyes:
  3. am I high or does the op sound obviously underage?
  4. haha i dont know dog im blowed as well
  5. i thought you did that when the can was empty..i wouldn't know, I've never done it
  6. I don't think it has to be, I think if you hold the can upright then whipped cream shouldn't come out, right?... But I've never done nitrous from a whipped cream bottle so I couldn't rightly say.
  7. I don't know how many times Ive tried getting high off the canned whipped cream, but it has just never worked for me. Probably not doing it the right way, and don't think I really care enough to learn.
  8. use a new can. do not shake or invert at all, if you do let the can rest for a while (10 minutes? idk). hold the can upright and press the nozzle to the side. it's that easy.
  9. Best way (I've found while fucking around) is to just go to eat some whipped cream, and as your finishing off a mouth full, swallow it down, and turn the can straight up. You'llg et a nice belly full of whipped cream, and a fast head rush.

    Don't do it too much you get stupid and you can't get the deliciousness out of the can!
  10. whippits you usually just hold it straight up and air will come out, if whip cream comes out just let it settle, do not shake it before trying to inhale and dont do it excessively. keeping the can cold helps conserve the gas i do believe
  11. I heard u need a balloon
  12. That's for canisters. This stuff is hardly the same.
  13. could you use a balloon though?
  14. Huffing whipped cream cans is retarded.
  15. QFT:rolleyes:

  16. Nitrous is not the same thing as inhalants.
  17. it's still stupid.
  18. you have to remember the N20 isnt the same as regular inhalants (butane, proflane, etc.. )

    the only time i have ever felt the effects of N2O from a whipped cream can was when i was really young and i was finishing off the can. i got really dizzy and euphoric for like 30 seconds, that was about it lol

    but yes, as originalganja said, huffing it is retarded. its like 7th grade "mom-isnt-home" shit
  19. I just don't the point in getting a 30 second high when you could get blazed for hours.

  20. the only one here with a brain. i couldn't agree more. roll a blizzy, get your eyes real squinty.

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