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Question About Wet Vs Cured Cooking

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I'm a new grower and hope to use some of my current crop making edibles. I know that before buds are tasty for smoking purposes they need to be cured for a few months to get the best flavor and effect. I'm wondering if while I'm waiting for them to cure if I could use some to make canna butter or tea? I'm also wondering if making edibles with trimmings is potent enough to cook with or should I use buds?
  2. Yes, you can absolutely use the wet trimmings.  Use as much as you can fit in the pot and if there isn't much, you can supplement with buds.
  3. Please do yourself a favor and make sure you read up on and decarboxolate your cannabis so you will get all of the psychoactive substances active.
  4. The reason curing weed is so great is because it's THE way that terpenes are developed and concentrated...which translates to flavor. And there have been recent studies to show that terpenes actually can enhance the psychoactive effects of the other cannabinoids. So, if you have a great smelling/tasting strain, then that flavor will transfer to smoke, vapor or edibles. If the weed is green and fresh, then it's going to taste like chlorophyl  no matter how it's used. I don't like that taste, myself, and I always associate it with poor-quality. 
  5. I just searched the site and came up empty on "decarboxolate". Appreciate the info!

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