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Question about website products

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WHOAA, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Is the stuff they sell as legal highs besides salvia actually good? I mean the pre rolled joints. Just wondering.
  2. most legal highs suck. besides salvia i dont know of anything that works

  3. BZP.
  4. Thanks. I just always wonder about methods of dmt when you get it straight from the source. In fact im not even sure i even want to fuck around with dmt period.
  5. DMT is like being skullfucked by god.
  6. seems to me like your the rookie idiot, don't fuck with peoples money unless you dont mind ending up dead.
  7. if any1 finds out ur ass is grass for real thats not even a plan more of a ripoff sceme y not find a better connect 4 ur hp? ur an a$$h*(&
  8. 1. Discussions of dealing are against the rules
    2. Sounds like you want to try and rip people off
    3. If 2 = TRUE then You = Asshole.
  9. I think you should try it. And then, after you get your ass beat for ripping people off, make sure you come and give us an update!

    As an experienced smoker, I think you are an asshat.
  10. thats a great way to piss someone off and after seeing some of the responses from people getting ripped off on this site, i think he'd end up 6ft under. not that i have a problem with one less scamming douche bag on the planet..

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