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  1. My plant is 12 days old. I transplanted and water 3 or 4 days ago. The soil is dry about 3 inches in, but I feel the dampish soil underneath. Should I wait a few more days.

    I also bought a three pack of fox farms' fertilizers and was wondering if I should try some nutes for this next water or wait a couple of weeks more and then fertilize when it is finally transplanted in a five gallon?

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  2. Let the soil dry a bit more if it feels moist.  Give them a few weeks before you start feeding them.
  3. ^^^agree^^^ wait till after the cotyledon leaves yellow and fall off for nutes. Even then start very light.
  4. This is why I suggest Blue Planet.  If you follow their schedule, you shouldn't ever have an issue.
  5. What soil do you have it in? If there's no nutes in it then then a quarter strength dose would be ok. But if it does have nutes in it it will be a while before needing to add nutes. 
    The soil in the picture looks plenty damp. I wouldn't add water for a while yet 
  6. you should not need any nutes for a couple weeks yet. i usually veg for 5 weeks from seed out of dirt to flower. sometimes i wont even use any veg nutes at all. but i use soil such as ocean forest or happy frog that has nutes already in it. i use tiger bloom once a week in the flower stage at the recommended mix or a little stronger. then just filtered water the last two weeks. 

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