Question about ventilation on a rubbermaid setup

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chroniccon, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Recently bought some EFP [Electric Fruit Punch] seeds to do an outdoor grow next season but now I'm thinking about doing an indoor grow.

    I am going to try to make a setup very similar to this one:

    The ventilation seems to be a bit of a problem though so I plan on implying my own ventilation setup to this stealth box.

    I plan on having one of these inside the box for circulation inside and stem development:

    Hampton Bay - 31 In. Oscillating Tower Fan - TRE31GY - Home Depot Canada

    and was wondering if this fan:

    Air King - BFQ110,High Performance Exhaust Fan Series - BFQ110 - Home Depot Canada

    would be a nice exhaust for that setup and I will probably just make my own carbon filter either inside the duct or make one of these:

    Also I was going to paint it white instead of the tape and remove the two long black tubes on intake and just paint the inside of the white corners. What do you guys think? Overkill?

    Also contemplating putting computer fans on the inside part of the intake tube in the box.

    I will be using cfl's strictly for lighting for the time being and may also buy a small solar cell and connect it to my plants roots. Anyways comments, suggestions, constructive criticism all appreciated.
  2. I think you should just say fuck it, and make your own setup. Be original and learn from others at the same time. The reflective tape will be easier to use and plus paint doesn't stick to the plastic easily.
  3. hea man congrats to you on your venture to indoor growing.
    this is my first indoor grow also. im using the rubbermaid idea as well for its stealthyness and space saving ability.

    as far as your fans go, i think one GOOD computer fan for a inlet and one for the out take is good enuf. i built a kind of duct from courragated plastic to derect the cool outside air up and directly at the plant and the light.(saves much needed space otherwise taken up by a fan)
    and the exhaust fan i put on the back at the verry top just where the lid meats the box and built a kind of light baffel so light will not excape.
    as far as the white paint, it works great but i recomend giving the inside of the box a quick scuff with say 80 grit sand paper just to give the paint a surface to stick to.
    a mylar blanket works great too. (emergency blanket from walmart)
    whatever you do just be creative and make sure that no light gets in or out of your box. light will not travel around 2-90degree bends of a flat black baffel! (courragated plastic)

    good luck and keep us posted

    gro-time(smoke on brothers and sisters, smoke on!):smoking:

  4. They make paint specifically for plastic now adays lol :D
  5. WHAT ARE YOU SAYIN, Im out dated!? :p
  6. sometimes they say for plastic but still have a hard time coating really well a way to get around buying speacial paint for plastic try using sand paper to ruff up the textur and it will coat alot easier.
  7. I can tell you from experience that you need more than that to keep it cool. I was running 8x 27w CFLs with 4 120mm fans on 2 carbon filters (1 before filter 1 after each side) with two large intakes and I couldnt keep my temps below 90. The biggest pain in the ass was trying to reach the plants on the bottom through all the lights and ventilation. Cant comment on the fan you linked but as for the rubbermaid grow, it wasnt for me but good luck.
  8. Thanks for all the input guys! I am still probably gonna continue with the Rubbermaid though 'cause I just plain don't have the space / lying ability to pull off anything bigger. I found some 140mm case fans (actually quieter than the 120 ones!) might try those, I'm only using 4 cfl's at a time too so hopefully that helps as well. I know more light wouldn't hurt but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  9. Yeah I feel ya. I switched to a little night stand with hinging doors that I picked up at walmart for 25 bucks (i think it was less than my rubbermaids lol). All my fans are on the back and it intakes from the bottom. After I sealed all the door gaps its 99% light proof and it just looks like a crappy ass piece of furniture. I also threw in a barrel lock on the doors that way no one can get curious. I've had this going for almost a month now and none of my roommates have even questioned it :cool:.

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