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  1. So I grow outdoors every year and I start my lady's very early so that come spring time they are already big plants. I've been able to get some huge plants that produce huge amounts of good bud. Some plants I've gotten over a lb a plant . Once frost isn't an issue I plant my girls into big holes filled with ocean forest and some other admendment and the plants do great very healthy but I can tell that once flowering starts they Start to run out of nutrients So I Start giving them Fox Farms Big Bloom and And tiger bloom And for the most part It seems to Workwell But I'm Never sure How much I should be looking at giving each plant per feeding like when ive got a 12 foot tree of a plant should I only be giving each plant a gallon of water/nutrient or 5 gallons of water or more. Most plants for most part look Healthy but every year I have a few where I can't seem to determine if plants need more or less so i just curious as to how much other people feed their plants and if its better to do more fert per gal or stick to same amounts per gal and give more water. Any Insight would be much appreciated
  2. Dig up a rootball and see how big the roots are getting and Taylor the amount of feed to that.
  3. Why not up a well rounded organic soil so your plants have what they need when they need it. Take the guessing part out of the equation.
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  4. Without getting in depth with the discussion of "healthy" soil, here's a go-to I use. My 2 cents would be; if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Otherwise, try using a banana sluree, or some other fruit to feed the bacteria. I've gotten great results with mixing strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. What the bacteria eat, they poop; which is what the plants use. marijuana-deficiency-chart.jpg

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  5. If in soil do a slurry test. Take a large shot glass of soil. Dig down a little. Than put that into a Tupperware small container. Than put the equal amount of distilled water. Stir for 1 minute and than stick ur ph meter than ur ppm meter. This will show u what's going on! So if ppms are over 400 u just need water and microbes if u use them. Under 400 ppm feed

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  6. For starting early and putting already good sized plants in the ground, IMO 1lb would be half of the minimum I'd expect. I'm talking trimmed and dried.
    My mix includes chicken manure, worm castings, high "P" bat guano, and composted kitchen scraps. I guess I'm fortunate enough to be able to just water from the hose without problems.
    Water is very expensive where I live. I tried to cut back and save on the water bill, but that's not the place to skimp. Lacking water, the buds come out smaller, less potent, less weight, etc. My ceiling is maxed at 9'. My 8'-9' plants get at least 5+ gal of water per day. I add nothing more, other than spray for pests.

    No sir, water is not the area to try to conserve during bud growth.

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