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  1. I was recently admitted into UC Santa Cruz, and before May 1st the school would like me to name my top 5 college preferences. Anyone who went to UCSC or currently goes there have any advice on which ones i should pick? I am going to live on campus and i would prefer a college where i don't have to be super stealthy to smoke, however i'd like to actually study/learn a lot too. My major is Neuroscience and Behavior, and science and history classes are my favorites, not so much English and writing. Any advice?
  2. hey man,
    im going to ucsc in the fall as well.
    I chose:

    I figure if its too sketchy to smoke in my dorm, walking 10ft into the redwoods would be easy enough for me to do, even late at night. Although im really hoping for a 420 friendly roomate.
  3. Science and history are my favorites too. Good luck with school.
  4. Thanks.

    I don't remember which ones i picked, but i do know that i picked Stevenson as my first choice, so i'll find out in mid-May. Maybe we'll be in the same college Nagnur.

  5. what ended up happening? you in stevenson?
  6. Yeah, I ended up in Stevenson. Went to the orientation on the 21st, and It was awesome.

    What about you, did you get Stevenson, or one of your other choices?
  7. cowell was my teacher in kindergardenen
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    Hey, I am headed to UCSC as well
    I'll be over at College 9 with my vape :D

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