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  1. Hello all. I am growing in a spacebucket, and I want to get my lighting set up correctly. I am using four 23w CFLs (6500k) for my top lighting. My question is about types of light, and LED lights. what I want to be able to do is still use my normal CFLs up above but I want to use LED light strips for lower canopy lighting in the mid/bottom section of my bucket. What kinds of LED light types would be good to use for this? I have also read that different types of light are more appropriate during the veg and flower stage. I am curious to hear more about this. This is my first DIY build and I'm not a man with a lot of money - is there a "universally efficient" LED light source that would be appropriate for lower lighting?

    And finally, if you have any other advice or info of anything about this let me know.. always looking to learn more.. ty
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  2. The more I ponder this the more questions I have.
    The four top lights I am are all the same, should they be varied in their light spectrum? My initial guess was for all 6500k for the entire grow. And support my flowers with additional, lowered LED lights to compensate for perhaps not using the appropriate types of light during varying stages.
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  3. It's a 5-gallon bucket as a base, and then I took four additional bucket tops to stack for height.
    Dimensions are roughly... 3.5 ft tall x 11in wide

    Here's an example, it's not mine but it's not far off.
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  4. looking at the space in there your not gonna be able to get much of anything for side lighting. Maybe rig up a few led diodes, but then you need heat sinks and drivers just way more hassle then needed. I would just stick to training the plant and creating multiple main tops maybe 4 to 6 and getting nice dense buds
  5. what do you think about LED light strips, still too much? did you mean too much space or heat! i could see space being an issue but if you think heat, i am curious
    i think these LED strips come in varying temperatures for different needs
  6. show me a link to some that you might have in mind. With led some are built good, some not so much its easy to spend money on units that are not of good quality. I wouldn't want you to waste good money
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  7. amazon link to product

    i see they have varying colors there. i am unsure of which temp would be best for use as constant, supplemental light.
    but if you believe that just the CFLs will do it and with good training it shouldnt be a problem.. i can live with that
    first build.. so was looking at all the angles
  8. Yes those led strips in the lind won't be very efficient. I would focus on training and technique and leave the build how it is. Next run you can tweak some in and outs. Also can i see your light setup?
  9. Remove the center light and I have an identical arrangement.
    Which is why I wanted lil baby lights running along the side of the bucket, for coverage

    But I really don't disagree with your thoughts. This is my first go-round and I am sure I will have enough to worry about :)

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