Question About This Specific Roor?

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  1. Hey everyone this is my first topic at!
    Basically I have seen a RooR conical flask which is really really cheap (Here is the bong:
    But being only £65 ish, I thought it was too cheap and is fake. I have read the pinned topic about identifying fake RooR's and the pictures look real but I think they are from google images. Would you guys trust this seller?
    Sorry if a nooby question but I really like Roor pieces and if one is being sold for under £70 who wouldn't buy!
    Thanks for the advice!  :metal:

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    Its fake

    Edit: actually looks like it could be real id wait for more members to say.

    Colorado love!
  3. Id say stay away from Roor altogether unless it was like a pre '08 collector piece.  They gained their notoriety about a decade ago for being one of the first to use glass on glass joints.  And while this was innovation at one point glass has come a long way and Roor hasn't really kept up with those advances.  Sure its a nice tube, but Roor isnt the only one putting out sturdy straight tubes anymore.  Either get something nicer for the same price as a Roor or find yourself a straight tube or beaker of equal quality for substantially cheaper in some cases 
  4. it's probably fake. I wouldn't ever spend more than 20 bucks on ioffer, I don't think you have any guarantee of not being totally ripped off by the site, and people have been known to sell horrible quality/ fake shit on there all the time. And like ilikeeggs said, you could probably get a very good beaker bottom for that price if you're willing the sacrifice the roor name. 
  5. Okay, well I decided I wouldn't go for iOffer just it came up on google and why not ask you see! I was thinking of getting an EHLE 250ml (like 35cm tall maybe?) and having a Roor diffuser because apparently they are boss, I usually smoke joints but now im "allowed" to smoke sort of I thought having a bong would be better, I hate wasting weed, I had some NY Desil and joints seem to destroy a stash of Desil, I have smoked BubbleGum Haze from a bong and it was amazing! Plus ive never used ice in a bong and I wanna try that.
    Here is the setup im thinking of:
    Roor Diffuser (Self explanatory but ill post a link)
    Thanks for the replies , sorry if its a mission to read haha :yummy:
  6. What's your price range and where do you live?

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