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Discussion in 'General' started by dhoyda, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. What does the little red square under my name mean, when everyone else I see has a green one or a few?

  2. You received - rep for something. You ever seen people say \"+ rep\"? If you get a lot of + rep you can get many green squares above your name.
  3. it means you touch yourself at night
  4. Where are my red squares?
  5. the red means you got a negative rep you can click on the user cp on the top of the page and see you reps if someone left you a message with the rep hope this helps and to get you squares green start some threads that poeple will like and they may give you a rep
  6. exactly you probably either flamed someone or said something ignorant and stupid along the line...But its cool we\'ve all been there. Atleast now you know and can go spread love and joy throughout the forums an earn it back!
  7. hakunna mattatta,dude,,,,,,,,hakkuna mattata,,,,chilllllllllllll:eek:
  8. It basically means that there\'s a lot of people that don\'t like you here. In the future think before you post because chances are your posts up until now displeased a lot of people.
  9. wow i actually never noticed that but i have 2 bars so i feel loved lol
  10. it means that you aren\'t special
  11. He ment to say green. :cool:

  12. lol nice
  13. im pretty sure he didnt, he was responding to my family guy quote.
  14. I don\'t see a red square....


  15. u sly son of a bitch lol wheres my +rep
  16. No dude, get it, look how many green bars Rasta has. :p

    oh and someone must have +rep\'d you for that stash box LOL cause you\'re back to green dhoyda

  17. yea lol that quote was mad funny

    peter:why did all the dinosaures die out?

    tour gide: because you touch yourself at night

  18. i totally prounounced it wrong in my head and was like \"wtf....\" then i realized what you were saying. i used to love that song from the lion king lol :smoking:
  19. That bastard son of a bitch gave me some of his worthless negative rep. Did I say something to merit negative rep? I was just stating some facts and personal opinions. I didn\'t even personally attack him or his mother.

    Was that him who got the $1 stash box and refinished it or whatever? Because, I have to admit that that was pretty sweet, no matter how annoyed I am by him right now.

    [COLOR=\"Red\"]Watch the name-calling. That doesn\'t float at the City! *RMJL[/COLOR]
  20. how do you even give anyone rep? i thought you just say +rep and the mods do it.... lol
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