Question About The Ebb and Flow System

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  1. So ive never grown before but i plan to. I am planning to create my own Ebb and Flow System. I understand how it functions except a few minor questions i have.

    1) I dont understand how the drainage works. if the used solution drains back into the unused solution in the reservoir isnt the solution then "tainted"?

    2) Also what should my solution in my reservoir tank be comprised of?

    Thanks, keep growin and smokin.

  2. 1) the meduim will be fairly inert, so it'll take time to lose potency or become tainted.

    2) id start by googling The Lucas's fairly idiot proof, and good for new growers
  3. This is good advise. I'm using GH 3-Part and some supplements for my first grow, but I am comfortable starting off a little more advanced. I've heard nothing but good things about The Lucas Formula and it will save you money (I plan to do a Lucas grow in the near future just to compare my results and see if my extra effort has good ROI).
  4. ^^^^^^ thanks for adding that line, it should help OP^^^^^^^^
    I was a bit stoned..and words hurt ;)
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    No worries, we're all here to learn and share what we know and it always helps to have a few comments in agreement so he knows he's not getting a bunch of hooey lol

    Hell, if he listens we probably just saved him a ton of time and confusion. It took me a few weeks of research, and now experimenting, to even have a clue what to use and how to mix nutes. I only understood how popular the Lucas Formula is and why after figuring out a feeding schedule for a more advanced grow, if someone had just pointed me toward that I probably would have learned a lot faster.

  6. Thanks that should help me a lot!

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