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Question about some bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EasyBaker, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Allright so my home town is terrible for competition and if you dont got "kush" no one wants your crappy bud. So I decided to buy this crap from my last resort dealer cause I wanted to enjoy my days off. I smoked it and about 10 mins later I felt GREAT!!! too great so I became curious and checked it over under a hand lens. It has these spots where it almost looks like a glazed donut, even the green shines under the light, other than that the crystals seem to be normal these almost clear sugarlike glazed spots wink at you under light as you move the bud, any ideas.. ive never really noticed anything like that on bud before... kinda smells potent like either really good bud or not so good bud with windex.

    Additional info: When I wake up after a night of smoking, it feels like it hasn't worn off yet and ive dranken 5 beers while I slept and I have trouble pinpointing where sounds are comming from and even looking around the room makes me dizzy.

    Laced or no?
    happened to all three of us. Im gonna smoke it anyway even if it is laced just want to know what it is, if anything.
  2. I would say it sounds like it was just dank, with some crystals.
    Not laced, btw if anything was laced it would cost the dealer money, pot is more inexpensive then any drug you would lace.
  3. laced weed is a myth unless you personally lace it yourself

    its just good weed that doesn't look so good. trust me it IS out there. i've smoked shit that was almost brown and put me in the skies and i've also smoked that was light green and didn't feel a thing.
  4. Its one potent Mother fucker thats for sure lol.
  5. enjoy the smoke man :smoke:
  6. While crystal quantity isn't always important, density and quality is. Try to look for evenly spread out crystals, it indicates the bud has been handled properly. Also when you look at the crystals under a magnifying glass, they should be a very light gold color.
  7. weed is getting laced wih sugar sand glass and many other shit lol
  8. that is to add weight not to tamper with the effects. i wouldn't call that lacing
  9. It's not lacing, it's just potentially harming another person for a few extra bucks.
  10. also know as a "dick move" :p

    thats a really big problem in the UK i hear, people adding silica powder or something to add weight. the fucks wrong with people? we are all just trying to enjoy the herb :smoke:
  11. Sounds like you're just getting really high from the stuff, doesn't sound laced at all.
  12. I occasionally pick some shit up like that. When I wake up in the morning, I'm still feeling really, really nice. My brother kind of suspects stuff because I either play Gears of War 2 or Modern Warfare 2 with him in the mornings, and I definitely don't play as well.

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