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question about smoking high grade in a car

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mangofruitist, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. man im at my mothers house right now and its cold as fuck outside and i cant smoke in the crib, and her bf wont let me use his truck so i was thinking about smoking in my mothers car but when i asked her bf if he thinks the smell will stay he made it seem like it would but idk because a few months ago when i had my mustang i would smoke it out and just leave the windows down over night and the smell would be gone so im thinking it would be the same with her car but she has a four door altima. Do you think the smell would be gone by morning its 10:00 pm where i live now and she wont be up until like 7 or 8 and plus its cold as fuck outside so if i leave the windows down all night do you think it will air out?
  2. It won't smell by morning, just make sure you roll her windows back up before she wakes up
  3. dude you don't even have to leave the windows open crack them open a little bit and you'll be fine..if she asks what that smell was, say you ripped some ass.

  4. Ehh i dought it. If you smoke a joint or blunt it definatly will.
  5. yea i have like a point 7 rolled up and i didnt think she would smell it until i talked to her bf he started laughing and was like yea go ahead try that shit (being sarcastic) and thats what made me think lol but yea it should be alright. Thanks guys
  6. Uhhh, why not suck it up and smoke outside? I used to go outside in the snow with no shirt when I was 16.
  7. Yeah O.P. what's up are you a girl?
    A little cold going to ruin your hair and makeup?
  8. This. You shouldn't smoke a joint in someone else's vehicle without their consent anyhow. It will still have a burnt smell lingering unless the windows are down for a long time, in which case you are going to be just about as cold in there as you were outside.
  9. By morning, it will be gone, even with the windows up. Just don't make it a party and you'll be good. A bowl won't stink till morning.
  10. As he's said, he has a j. Hopefully you haven't already smoked it, if you're going to smoke inside the car you might as well just smoke outside quickly. Car won't offer much protection, especially since you'll need at LEAST one window down all the way. Just wear a damn jacket.
  11. it will be gone
  12. You're a pussy. Smoke outside.
  13. tiny ass crack will do good for overnight. dont want someone jacking it lol
  14. i get what yall are saying but theres two reasons why i dont wanna smoke in the cold 1st is the wind is blowing and i dont wanna make my bud burn up quicker id rather no wind hit it and two im a tall skinny guy man that cold hits me right on the bone and i dont know about u guys but when i get cold and start shaking it kills my high
  15. The wind is blowing? Just stand around a corner or something. The cold doesn't effect your high or actually bring it down, it might seem like it does, but when you go back inside you'll realize you're really baked.
  16. but it was warm hell yea id sit my ass on the porch and blaze
  17. Wear a heavy jacket and sit in a protected area (trees, next to the house, a fence, etc.).
  18. Man the fuck up!
  19. up to you dude. I never smoke in my car and i did last night. I smoked a jay in there with all the windows up. The next morning i could clearly smell it.
  20. It's 74 outside right now, I love Florida's weather!

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