Question about Scrog??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DJ420Chillin, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. If I were to do a Scrog with chicken wire or something of the sort, how many inches above my plants should I place it. My grow room allows me about 6 feet of height. Thnaks.
  2. it's advised that you DON'T use chicken wire. first it's hard to get plants '& bleaves through it and more importantly it can cut your plants' stems. you're better off using string or high test fishing line.

    not only are those two materials easier on the plants, but alot of scroggers like them because you can just cut them when harvesting for easier access.

    i'm not experienced with actual scrog growing yet, but i have read up on it a bit as that's the route i want to go myself.

    while i'm hear and more experienced scroggers weigh in, what is the MINIMUM recommended scrog table size? i have a 4 1/2' by 4 1/2' walk in with about 2 3/4' useable depth because the dang door swings inwards.

    i have at least 9 varieties that i wanted to try and/or breed and was thinking of dividing the 2 3/4' X 4 1/2' into 6 or 8 small tables. is roughly 1 1/2' square too small for a plant?

    i wanted to use roll out tables to make maintenance easier and so that i can rotate plants daily for a light mover type effect. i asked this question before in another forum and merely got a vague "it depends" answer.

    i'm not looking for a maximum yield or anything, just a maximum variety count per grow. any advice experienced scroggers could offer is greatly appreciated.

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