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Question about repairing glass pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thunderpeel, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Hello, a few minutes ago I unfortunately dropped my mini sherlock and the stem broke. Is it okay to just super glue it back on, or would that make the pipe unsafe to smoke?
  2. I have super glued a piece together, but it will never rip as good as before :(
    I don't know about safety though. Super gluing won't last though, you need a new pipe bruh.
  3. Not safe, glass transfers heat, heated glue bad, if you just don't hit it a bunch and never let too much heat get over to the glue, but I wouldn't use it as a long term fix.
  4. I only had it for 4 days =(
  5. Don't use super glue! It will make your bong hits taste horrible, trust me. There is a special kind of paste you can purchase made specially for glass, check out your local store and they should be selling it. If your from the UK like me then Wickes will definitely have some. Make sure it is the expensive kind and you let it set 100% properly before smoking. If you don't let it set you might be inhaling solvents. This is even worse if you use super glue. While you wait a few days for it to dry fully and properly, you could try smoking joints for a while or use a pipe/bubbler. I wouldn't recommend blunts if your a bong user.
  6. The micro-tears and micro-fissures cannot be annealed by simply gluing the broken pieces together; there will forever be suction and leakage problems-- you will need to use nano-particles to create a complete seal.
    Can yoiu just go purch a new glass piece?
    Me personally, I've given up on purching glass pieces---too expensive and too fragile.
    Ive gone back to zig zags.
  7. not worth the danger to your health. ditch it, cut your losses and move on.
  8. Just buy a new one,inhaling glue is not safe
  9. You'll need to use something that's safe to come into contact with, e.g., food. Aquarium sealant might work (check the package to make sure it's safe around heat), or something like this -- Loctite says it's water- and heat-resistant (and recommends this glue for situations where glass will be exposed to temps over 176F).

    Sorry to hear about your piece :(

  10. I had a sherlock that broke just like this. As long as the break is not anywhere near the bowl part, it will not come into contact with the flame and produce toxic fumes. Mine broke right where the mouthpiece tube meets the bowl base. I used aquarium glue and that thing chugged along for a year plus. Two things to remember about the aquarium glue though: 1. it is better to make sure that the hole is completely sealed and have some excess on the edges of the piece. If it isn't fully air tight, the piece will hit quite meekly. Even though this kind of affects the aesthetics of the piece, it is better to have a marred piece that hits like a champ than a pretty broken one 2. let it sit for at least a few hours before using it, and make sure to rinse it thoroughly. Also, the aquarium glue in my experience has a strong odor and kind of made me feel lightheaded so make sure you have a ventilated area!

    Hope I could help :)

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