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  1. well it looks like i might have like a 6 month slap on the wrist for prafinalia in my car, so I guess that means DT's which blows but I guess a 6 mo break cant hurt...

    anyway, never been in trouble before so wondering, like, I havnt actually been to court yet, do I have to get clean now? Bc couldnt I technically be DT'd right away? Id be done, lol i smoke daily..i have bout a week.5 till court so ill finish up this eight but didnt know if i need to get clean or will they usually wait atleast a month b4 they DT? I realize they wont test before court, im saying cant my probation guy DT me like day 1 if he wanted and fail me?

    anyone know?
  2. i think untill you sign the probation papers you are good to smoke, im not completely sure. when i got out of jail they put me on probation and told me i had 30 days to get clean.
  3. cool thought so...haha ironic that when getting OUT of jail, they give you 30 days to get clean...atleast they know drugs are available haha..
  4. What is your location?

    In bigger cities and stuff, you will just meet your probation officer the first time and take a drug test. If you pass the test you won't have to take anymore drug tests or if you fail you will be put in a drug program. Let your probation officer tell you that though, just make sure your clean for the first date.

  5. thanks for the heads up...i will definatley get clean then...actually, i guess ill take my last toke in an hour or so..thatll give me 2 weeks to clean out with vitamin b/niacin..

  6. good decision i have been sober for 4 months because of drug testing and it really aint that hard you just gotta go out get drunk and get some pussy. oh but vitamin b just makes your pee yellow, just work out a lot, and you will notice it becomes easier to run once you stop. oh and the best part is after a lil while you get crazy ass dreams and you can actually remember them!
  7. for my friend when he was on probation his PO said that he could fail the first test cause i guess he figured he still had shit in his system but he also said if he fails the second he could get seriously screwed over
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    Literally no lie dude I started reading and was like WTF STALKER lol Your trailing behind me by about a month in the legal system ;) You don't have to stop smoking until you get probation (which you will) and thats a month AFTER your first court date. So DW bro your square. I just had court today and My probation appointment is set up for the 5th of June. So again, dont worry about a thing, you'll be alright :smoking:

    And to directly address each question: No, you don't have to get clean now. You can't be DT'ed until AFTER your set up with a proby officer which is after your pre-trial. Your DTing depends on your proby officer but unless you get a dick day 1 is just meet and greet, and you set up the dates to drop that are good for YOU =]
  9. thanks for all the tips court date is june 8...thats when it should all be lawyer has been meeting with prosecutor and judge for a few weeks now settling it all for that i hate this "legal system"
  10. anyone else been thru this? its friday and i smoked the last bit of my keif and resin this afternoon after getting out of work i just downed 4 beers and i dont drink often lol, i just really love mary jane and dont want to quit at all...

    my next move is moving locations from NJ to CO/OR where i can get medical, keep my same job, and enjoy my life in the outdoors...till then, i wish i were high right not picking up more till after i find out what the deal is with my probation etc, os i have minimum 10 days...ill be loading on b-vits and niacin to clean out in the plan is to pass the initial test so i dont get tested at all and continue my lifestyle starting 10 days from a 2-3-4 time daily smoker and its part of me and how i live my life...dont want to quit for 6mo! but not willing to risk the "legal system"

    hopefully i wont be tested for the next 6mo and cant move right away, but if not, come jan. im out of this overpopulated materialistic bullshit state to somewhere where i can escape and be "free"
  11. yeah i was only in for 10 days and they knew i smoked since i got caught with shit in my truck. i smoked the day after i met with my p.o. i havent been tested yet except for once in my drug class(part of my probation deal lol) but i still light up untill the 10th of each month after i see my p.o. i almost shit when i got tested in my drug class, luckily they had a watercooler, drank 20 cups and flushed on the spot while i had to "wait to piss" haha

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