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Question about pricing subjectivity (especially pHx)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JTaylor12, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I am looking to pick up a single honeycomb perc'd pHx hd with a dome perc and ice pinch for 500 flat at my local shop. The retail on it is 590 since it is the black glass version. I am curious as to why so many blades on here say it that people are overpaying for their pHx's. Am I being ripped off? I thought I was getting a good deal since it was ninety off retail and no sales tax (a hefty 9.3% in Arizona) :smoke:

    The salesperson at the local shop says that they are legit pHx and I won't find one cheaper anywhere brand new.

    Any advice is great, thanks!

    Edit: I already used the search feature and read through old threads.... couldn't quite find the answer I was looking for!
  2. for that money you can get a tube that'll function wayyy better. honeycombs are sweet but only like ten holes are used while drawing your hit, kinda defeating the purpose of it
  3. you can get better diffusion for cheaper if you want?

    phx's honeycombs arent bad, but not all the comb will fire when you pull on it.

    500 is alott man, look into ohau tubes if you want a sweet honeycomb, or apix designs if you want amazing diffusion for cheap.

  4. 5 bills for that? Damn homie. You could have saved up a little bit more and got a stem-8 or you could have gotten a sick custom made
  5. Go with Sovergnity or Apix Designs. They have some nice pieces that would offer more diffusion. Get a king stemline for that price, and still have a couple hundies left over for some dro :bongin:
  6. Check my thread. If u want a honey comb get a og tubes. Functions 100% better and was only 275
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    thanks for all the advice guys! I knew I could trust my blades :hello: i'll look into some of the names you guys threw out...

    edit: aside from being able to get a better piece for the money, is 500 a good price on the black single honeycomb with dome perc, splash guard, and ice pinch?

  8. Not the best price at all, they are made rushed and are not the best quality.
  9. whatever you do DON'T buy that phx

    there are literally a MILLION tubes that function better for $200 less.
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    DO NOT get the phx honey comb to dome perc.

    1. their honey comb is not concave so only like 5-10 holes fire.

    2. dome percs are like 5 years old, there is much more efficient, less draggy peculation on the market. No dome perc should be $500+ fucking dollars. PHX is nice, but not worth the 5 bills.

    This is my straight tube stemless og honey comb to ice pinch. Smoothest, tastiest single chamber tube I own. Literally no drag

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