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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by deadhead, Mar 25, 2003.

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  1. Many different kinds of people smoke pot. From all class, ethnic, and religious back grounds. My question is; Is there any \"kind\" of pot head that you don\'t like, find annoying, or can\'t stand?
  2. Alot of my m8s have problems with gothics. I don\'t have no beef with them lot tho.
  3. yes......the leech snoop in Half Baked......appear when there\'s weed!.....Peace out......Sid
  4. I dunno....the ghetto kids around here just get under my skin
  5. Well... I dunno... goth\'s do tend to kind of piss me off a little... I dunno why they just seem to be depressing... But the one group of people who really piss me off- scalz. Scalleys are the type who are real dicks- you know the little bastards who go and cause trouble and get into fights and smoke total and utter SHIT hash and then the local ethos is then that people that smoke weed go and act like theese dickheads- they give the peaceful stoners a bad name in the town...
  6. goths, people that make life more difficult than it already is, rednecks, chicks that use you for anything, etc...too broad of a question.

  7. LOL.... i hate them too!
  8. YES!!, some kids in my school smoke just so that they can say they smoke. really piss\'s me of( when i know i smoke much more then them) and thy brag about smokeing,,,AHHH
  9. i hate self proclaimed \"pot heads\" that once smoke TWO HOLE DOOBIES!! HOOOLLLYYY SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!

    fuckin posers, they piss me off more than anyone. if you have to advertise the fact that you reef, then you definately arent a stoner.
  10. i have no problems with goths, but then again its probably because i\'m a depressed person. I can\'t people who come and party with me and try to play eminem at my partys, in my house that gets you hurt. posers and preps piss me off, but i\'ve gotten a lot of them to get me good deals. And to get rid of shit for me to there lil richy poser friends. Sometimes i make posers into potheads, but thats very rarely because most shouldn\'t of ever been lucky enough to try it in the first place. I had a friend of mine that was a poser for a few years so i got him to start growing and that pretty much made him a full time toker. I can\'t stand slutty girls in general, but i know of girls that will give head for pot and other drugs and thats just wrong, i hate that. Theres a lot of people out there that should of never started smoking. If you don\'t have respect for others, you shouldn\'t smoke.
  11. THere\'s couple of types I don\'t really like:

    The religious experiement smoker - these people that go all \"WHOA I can feel the space winds in side my head and all this gravity is bringin me down\" people who have seen woodstock and the doors movie and are all hippy dippy LSD!!! yeah groovy nothing wrong them in genereal but around here they tend to be.... quite irritating.

    The I\'m all junked up smoker - believe it or not there are couple of guys in here that think smoking hash is like really really criminal and evil and that\'s the reason why they do it they act like they are some big shot drug dealer gangastas but all they do is smoke hash and act \"ghetto\" all the time.

    The bogart - welll you know what I\'m talking about

  12. wow i know whaat you mean
    one of my good friends smoked like 5 times over the summer and never once got high- now she calls herself a pothead...riiiiiiiiight

  13. I also hate it when everyone thinks that because you smoke ganj your a bad person or a loser. Yes, I smoke, but that doesnt mean i\'m a loser or I\'m retarded or anything. I\'m smarter than alot of the people i know and i think its because of pot. It kind of opens your mind to function in more than one way. I guess i\'m trying to say is that I (and just about everyone else that smoken mary) is nothing like societys stereotype of the loser that hangs out by the video arcade and sells child pornography, and robs people.:(

    I hate this.\\/ \\/ \\/
  14. fuck posers and rookies
  15. The religious psychonaut. The type of guy who smokes to
    get in touch with God, and has a fuckin deep conversation
    with the Lord. That wouldn\'t be so bad, but they\'ve always
    got to tell me what God has planned for them, or worse yet,
    what God has planned for me. Religious extremists of any
    stripe creep me out.
  16. I know how you feel. those bastard hang out at safeway preeching n\' shit when i go up there. Those people are so annoying.:mad:

  17. hey man how you gonna hate on rookies, you were a rookie once too :)
  18. the dagreennitelite just quoted the thegreenlantern
    can you green lights and lanterns just get along?
  19. i got nothin but love for the lantern

    (see signature)

  20. yeah extreemists piss me off too... and that reminds me- my all time number one HATE is people who like to boast about how much they can smoke and give new people or people with a naturally very low tolerance for THC shit or just don\'t have patience to deal with people who don\'t smoke. I\'m no big stoner but if I ever smoke with someone who\'s never smoked before I allways do my best to give them my time. If they can\'t/won\'t take more than me (not that that\'s much) that\'s their bag- no skin off my nose.

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