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Question about NorCal MMJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by chronicpenguin, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. If i called up the club, with a valid MMJ id # on hand, would they tell me what strain clones they have in stock?

    I live in southern bay area, but all the good clones are in san francisco....
  2. I don't think clubs like to talk about their products over the phone.

    Where in the South Bay area you? Try hitting up Garden of Eden in Castro Valley. Or if you can head to Oakland, go to Blue Sky or Purple Heart Patient Center.
  3. They will tell you whether or not they sell clones but they can not tell you the strains they have over the phone. But i hear oaklands purple heart center is really good for clones.
  4. fuck garden of eden. go to berkeley patient group. my favorite club in the bay for sure.
  5. How much are the clones at BPG?
  6. thanks :)

    How long do clones live before they have to be transplanted?
  7. Not sure I understand your question. Plants can be transplanted at any time, but this really stresses out your plants and may stunt the growth for a bit. Try to limit your transplants to maybe once or twice at the most.
  8. my question is how long can i keep clones like the way i bought them from the club, before i have to plant them...
  9. Oh, OK... umm. I'm not sure about the shelf life of clones, but I've kept clones for about half a week before I planted them. I don't think you want to wait that long, though.
  10. They won't talk on the phone. You could be the DEA.
  11. Some places will talk to you about strains on the phone, but most won't. If you're in San Francisco, I would recommend They have their menu online and it's usually up to date. I just picked up some Sour Diesel, Dragon's Breath, Diesel Kush, White Dot, Trainwreck and Red Dawn today.
  12. I haven't been to many clubs in SF, only the Vapor Room, but judging the weed there I'd say the clubs up here in the North Bay are much better quality-wise than the Vapor Room's bud.
    OrganiCann in Santa Rosa and Peace in Medicine in Sebastapol are my favorite two around here, OrganiCann for over 20 strains of bud and Peace in Medicine for at least 15 kinds of hash and a good 15 strains of bud too.
  13. True, only one club answers my questions over the phone, and it's also the most legit, reputable, by-the-books club I've been to.

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