question about my sprout

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by frank10, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. To start from the begining I wake up today to check on my plants and one has sprouted the seed shell was resting on the tip (of the plant sprout) so I just barely touched it and the shell came of. Its now in direct sun light about 75 degrees, so far I've noticed its actually grown since this morning when I first seen it (its about 3/4 in or slightly less), but whats popping out isn't a two leaves its a greenish and ball shaped like thing, anyone have experience with this? My guess/conclusion is that the two leaves are still binded
  2. Congrats on germinating. That is whats known as a cotyledon. No plant on earth erupts from a seed with leaves. Your plant right now is not actually using light to grow The cotyledon is providing it nourishment and after a couple days your first set of leaves will form.
  3. Sweet thanks bro, just now on my other plants I moved a bit of soil from the middle and seen that two other are doing the same thing, so now 3 are getting sunlight. Although on two others I noticed the seed just about to break ground, should I let them get light or keep em covered?
  4. Well out in nature its not covered but most that grow inside keep a humidity dome over it till the 1st leaves start to show...ziplock bag over your plant. Right now it has no light requirements but the stage your in passes real fast like a couple days.

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