question about my recently planted babys

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by harrygohr, May 10, 2010.

  1. hello i recently planted my 10 plants for this year. i germinated them as i always do and planted them in cups. the next day after planting it POURED rain. my question is because it poured will the seeds continue growing or did the drown. im going to wait to find out but id like your imput
  2. If the cups don't have drainange, it's a good possibility they're pretty drenched. I guess it depends on what you refer to as "pouring rain".

    Are you talking about seeds or seedlings? Because usually well established seedlings can take somewhat of a beating.
  3. no i just planted them they havent even sprouted yet
  4. go out and check em. unless the cups are utterly full of water, you should still have a chance. poke lots of holes in the bottoms of the cups; maybe plant some backups in case none of them do sprout; and keep on keepin on bro.
  5. hows the grow looking:smoke:
  6. grows lookin awsome man its gonna be a good summer
  7. any pictures of the lovely ladies??:smoke:
  8. havent taken any yet because im far to busy with alota shit to keep updating a grow journal but ill take some pics and put em on here for you when its a nice day out

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