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question about my mates

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silus, Sep 30, 2010.

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    so in my group of mates we have one house that we all go to, it's because it's fine to smoke there. My mates dad deals and he doesn't mind giving us free bud. So my i'm usually there with my mate we'll call him billy, it's his house that's our 'safe sesh spot' and i'm usually there when i don't have anything else to do and he doesn't mind cause we've been best mates since grade 8 and i clean up after myself. His cousin, we'll call him frank, he's there a fair bit too but billy and his parents get pissed at him cause he eats ALOT and doesn't clean up after himself. So now that we're finished with names my mate bought an old shitty xbox 360 for something to do cause he quit world of warcraft. He only had 1 controller and with 2-3 people there usually and then there's the mates that come over just to chop up and buy pot. So i have a good xbox that i look after and i have 3 controllers and i hardly ever play it because no one comes to my house. So i take over two controllers, battery packs and a carger cable. Then billy's xbox broke, it got red ring of death. So after a while i becomes boring and i take over my xbox, pretty much my favourite thing and putting it in a room that's full of smoke and smells like a bong. I also work at a movie store so i get to hire free movies, of course billy and j like this cause we get to watch movies. But it pisses me off cause half of the movies i hire they hate and don't even look twice at the cover and i get alot of overdues that I have to pay, as soon as i bring up having to pay for these and it looks bad for me they just say don't hire us movies then. So i made a rule, if they come for a walk to the store they get a movie, and i'm usually going in every 2-3 days but they're to lazy to come for a 10 minute walk. So i tell them they're not getting any movies but they say that's a dog act to do and it's blackmail but i just see it as fair. Billy tells me that we're best mates and yadda yadda yadda and that he likes me better than any of the other people that come into the house, but as soon as anyone else is there i'm not his best mate anymore and everone else comes before me i feel. So i go out on a limb alot for blilly and j but they never seem to even come for a walk. This has pissed me off for a couple of months now. I just want to know if i'm over reacting or if i'm doing to much for them.

    Long story short
    - I give my mates alot of stuff
    - My best mate treats me second to all the people he doesn't like as much
    - My mates are to lazy to do anything for me
  2. Try getting high and not giving a fuck ?
  3. ya you all need to just chillax and appreciate what you got
  4. It's disappointing when friends don't seem to appreciate that you go out of your way for them...I mean you thought of providing entertainment in more ways than one, and by the sound of it at little to no expense to them.
    I had the same deal with certain a bit boring when literally all they EVER wanted to do was smoke everything that was there until it was gone, then essentially sit and stare at walls for hours. I'm all for letting someone enjoy their high how they're gonna...but...kind of draw a line when it becomes a deatset bore for me in doing so. I don't mind chilling, talking and generally spacing out, don't get me wrong there...but yeah, when it happens all the time I get a little annoyed at's like, I do these things and try to endorse activity or even something that's just out of the ongoing ordinary routine to try and, for lack of a better word, enrich or make our collective lives different, more interesting.
    Some people just let you down there...and, some don't...
    I'd just recommend distancing yourself for a while, either they'll think "hey, that was pretty good times" and maybe try and meet you in the middle, or they won't - their course of action will give you your answer as to how appreciated your efforts really are.

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