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  1. i just started growing pot for the first time, and so far it's gone quite well. i have two plants, both about 1 month old, and they seem pretty healthy. my setup is an old phototron system, but i have jimmy rigged my own light system into it instead of the old broken one. i am using an ott-light bulb, a 24-inch ott-light tube bulb, an 18-inch plant-light, and a light box that used to be used to help with seasonal depression(very bright). most of the lights are on the side of the container due to it's odd shape, except for the plant light that i keep about 1 inch above them at all times. the plants seem to be doing well; nice stems, lush green foliage, but the leaves direction is worrying me a little. they are developing nicely, but they are all getting a downward curve that i don't know if it's bad or not. i've been assuming that that is just the plants' way of adjusting to the strange placement of the lights, but i just wanna check to be sure. there are no curling leaf edges, no yellowing, and no obvious signs of any problems. just checking to be totally safe. thanks
  2. How often are you watering them??
  3. i'm watering them as much as they need. i've almost always raised plants, so i know when to water, and i know a good system for knowing when to water, so that wouldn't be a problem. the leaves look perfectly healthy, it's just the sharp downward curve that worries me.
  4. and the ventilation and temp are good as well. the plants and phototron are in my closet, which i leave a little open at all times, and i leave my window open 24/7, sometimes with a fan on the sil for even better circulation. and i have a little fan inside the phototron for the plants, which also keeps the heat at 77-80 degrees at almost all times.
  5. downward curve sounds like wilting... don't know what else it could be without seeing some pictures...
  6. i'll try to get some pix up soon. if it was wilting, what would cause it, since watering isn't the problem? oh, and a side question: the ph is at about 5 1/2-6 right now. would it be better to raise it to about 6 1/2, and would a mild treatment of lime do the trick? thanks.
  7. Are you growing in soil? If so what type of soil and does it have added fertilizer? Your problem is not from watering or lighting stress. If they are curling down like you pointing your finger in a curved manner than they have to much nitrogen. Also, if you are growing in soil then your PH of 5.5-6.0 is way too low. Your PH for soil should be 6.3-6.8 If that is the case then ph is your problem. The lime will help raise the ph to a more alkaline level.
  8. when the leaves start to curl downward on the sides that is a heat issue.
    How hot is it in your phototron?

    i will bet $100 that is what is wrong
  9. the heat stays at a good 78-81 all through the day cycle. they are looking much better now, donno why. the leaves are looking up more, with a slight curve that i'm 90% sure is just them adjusting to the altered positions of the lights. thanks a bunch for the help.
  10. How big is the plant and what size pot are they in? Could be root-bound.
  11. My plants were "droopy" in the beginning as well. I just got a water meter to test the soil to ensure I was not watering them too much (usual cause for droopy leaves). I just let them go and did not change anything and they eventually "grew out of it" and the problem went away as the plants matured. If the leaves are not discolored or flaking up, I would just leave it alone.

  12. You owe me $100.

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