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    Hey everyone:smoking:

    Right now I have 2 Lemon Skunk feminized and 4 Early Skunk feminized in the forest in 1 liter pots, all 6 plants have sprouted and have their first set of leaves. I purchased some moth balls and I made a perimeter around the 6 pots, putting a moth ball like every inch. Is this how you're suppose to use them? And when I transplant them to the soil, should I do it somewhere where I haven't used the moth ball? (like when it rains does the chemicals from the moth balls seep into the soil?)

    I'm blitzed and I'm sketchy out about my baby's, any help is appreciated. :)
  2. nobody knows?
  3. Everyone recommends them but no one knows how to use them, lol.:bongin:
  4. what your doing is fine. Also if you transplant them in an area where u had moth balls there will be no issues
  5. What is the deal with the moth balls to start with?

  6. Keeps the deer and critters away.
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    Thanks bro, I will try this. I have been wandering how I was going to do that.

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