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Discussion in 'General' started by BrolyBro, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Hello, I am new here but wanted to ask a question. I have a potential job coming up and am waiting on a call. With that said, a drug test is soon to follow. I quit smoking for about two months, prior to that I was an avid smoker. I would probably smoke a small bowl a day, nothing much. After the month-two months of non smoking, I smoked about 2 blunts worth these past two weeks. I am going to go get some at home drug kits to test myself but my question is basically from the information I have stated what are my chances of cleaning my system out? A friend told me to just drink a lot of water. I'm about 6'3" 200 lbs. I exercise regularly and pretty lean/built. Eat a clean diet as well. Friend told me to drink the water to help dilute the urine and said to drink about a gallon within a 3 hour span then test myself. He stated that a drug exam is testing to see if you are under the 50ng/ml. He told me that he even has smoked a blunt the night before without diluting and passed. I pretty much want this broken down into a science if possible.

  2. I think the chances of you cleaning out are slim. After quitting for a drug test you smoked again before you took it. What's up with that? If you're job hunting you should be prepared to find one. From here I would guess someone is pushing you to find a job. Did you graduate from high school in the spring and then decide to "take a year off" from school and your parents put their foot down? I know, I'm assuming but that's what I do.
  3. Either you have a reading problem or I didn't make my words clear enough. I haven't taken a drug test yet. Could be a week, or two from now. I'm about to get a degree in engineering, so take your assumptions and shove them up your ass.

    Thanks for the completely irrelevant comment.
  4. Bro you will be ok do what your buddy says drink water and sweat a lot I been smoking for 18 years I passed one and I only was clean for 7 days I'm about 40lbs less then you but if your active you should be fine
  5. Thank you, I appreciate the comment. Bought two First Check drug kits and will probably take one here shortly. I haven't been as active lately but all the more reason to put a little more "oomph" in my workouts.
  6. Lol no prob man try not to worrie about it to much just stay hydrated and sweat like a mofo bro
  7. And good luck hope it all works out for ya keep us posted
  8. Assumptions are inserted per your request. Now that's out of the way I'm going to make another assumption. I think someone who has a degree in engineering would know to not smoke pot while waiting for a call to work.

    Your best result for your home test would be to check your first void of the day, before you drink anything. After all you want the clearest picture of your status and if you overhydrate before your home test it'll be next to worthless especially if the lab you use checks for dilution. Anything you do now that burns fat will help, about 3 days before your test start doing stuff that adds fat like laying around and eating.
  9. But as cactus Ed said, and I agree with him because you had stopped and if you had stayed stopped you would be golden. But yeah your chances are slim man, good luck though and do what he said, it's the best bet you have, water only dilutes, the MJ stuff stays in your fat cells and is released over time as opposed to prescriptions an others like that which flush faster, because they aren't stored.

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  10. Correct but sweating will release it from fat cells faster
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    To pick at nits, sweating doesn't help a bit, if you sat in a sauna and sweated your ass off it wouldn't bring a single molecule out of storage. It's the activity that makes you sweat that brings fat out of storage and the metabolites with it.
  12. Umm yeah it does lots of people use a sauna to sweat out toxins you should look it up
  13. Actually no, I didn't come here to get assumptions. I came here presenting my situation and looking for factual feedback. The situation with the particular job I am now waiting on was not certain at the time and looked like it wasn't going to happen. Was it poor to smoke? Yes, but it is what it is and you acting on your high horse doesn't help the situation in any way. I'd appreciate it if you kept your smartass remarks to yourself. With that said I am not sure if this place will test for dilution or not, so I will take the first one tomorrow morning.
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  14. Will do, appreciate it.
  15. Sauna's "pops out drug toxins saved in body fats until you're all clear and pretty ready for the DT"
    When you come here you can't dictate what you get, there will always be those guys who answer as they wish. I said you had a slim chance because you said you had "about two blunts" and that sounds amazingly similar to what we tell cops when they ask how many beers we've had. Each day that passes now before your test helps you, smoking another blunt won't. It isn't my fault my horse is high but what does it matter he's high or not? He doesn't have a drug test coming up and he manages to get me where I'm going most days.

    About the sweat, whatever, there isn't enough metabolites in it to matter. Any source that claims saunas "pops out drug toxins saved in body fats until you're all clear and pretty ready for the DT" is a bogus source. Here's a more believable source. Article 23.pdf Pharmcheck, the company that makes the sweat patch drug monitoring system says "THC is a neutral molecule and hence ns diffusion is expected to be slower. Indeed, THC was found in the low ng/patch range, and 11-nor-9-carboxy-6 9-tetrahydrocannablnol, the principal acidic urinary metabolite, has been never detected in sweat" That means that although they do find a tiny amount of THC in sweat, they didn't find what urine tests check for and they looked pretty closely. Having said that I'm sure there are a few molecules even though they haven't found them, when I said there wasn't a single one I was exaggerating a little.
  16. Thanks for the info cactus Ed, most of what you post an say is straight, on op he isn't on a high horse. He's just cactus Ed lol.

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  17. Curmudgeons don't really care when they are criticized or insulted. We have our opinions, you have yours. Mine are right and yours don't count but I still respect your right to express it even though it's stupid. Most times anyway.
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  18. Hello, good news. I am good to go. The test had a faint pink line. So I celebrated and smoked a blunt. Just kidding.

    Thanks for the info.
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