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  1. Ok so I have grown MJ before, but I have never used a light, we've only grown outside. We have a closet that we plant on using for growing that i haven't taken the measurements yet, but i'd say its about 3 feet wide, 2 feet deep and like 6 feet tall. We have a few plants that just sprouted that we want to move inside, What would be the best kind of light for this operation? I'll get back on in a few hours with an exact measurement, i'm just at work right now, lol.
  2. You decide after i give you the information and you judge your space accordingly. HID are by far the BEST. Its as simple as that. HIDs are Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium. Either of those bulbs will work fantastically for the entire grow period, but if you wanna get a little fancy, Metal Halide (MH) blue tint during veg helps to promote new growth and leaf/stem production while High Pressure Sodium (HPS) orange tint helps promote dense bud formation. So MH during Veg, and HPS during flowering, Now HIDs are also the most expensive and use quite a bit of energy and create some heat also. HTG Garden Supply if your interested in HIDs, they have great packages for CHEAP and youll get absolutely everything you need no problem from there. I actually got a whole package including both MH and HPS, and everything else i needed, for $165. Beautiful. Now for CFLs. Cheaper. Not as much heat. Doesnt use as much energy. And as you would expect, not as nice as a plant with them. You can grow a plant with them but eh, your just gonna get a much smaller yield and less potent buds, which i dont quite understand cause i thought the point was to get the most potent and largest yield out of your plant. But some people do swear by them. Its a matter of cost and space situation but the HID are just a significant differance hands down but if your not too worried about having a super sexy first indoor grow, and dont wanna worry about heat and energy and just want some eh buds to smoke, i guess the CFLs would be the way to go. But lemme tel ya, if you do decide to go with HIDs, you will be extremely happy. Period. LEDs, new and not well documented but some believe work quite well. Use barely any energy, no heat, and are easy to use. I actually am using a couple LED grow lights as supplemental lighting for my plant, but i got a good ol HPS as her main sun. GO HID. Peace man
  3. Thanks for all the info man, much appreciated, I'll keep you posted on the status.

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