Question about lighting!!! help plz

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by cheffa09, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. okay so im new to growing indoors and i know its 18/6 veg 12/12 flowering, but my question is when i put my germinated seed into soil what light schdule should it be on? or should it not be under light untill it sprouts? i currently just have it under a dome on a heating pad. i got one cfl thats 68watts buts equal to 300watts and one 40watt thats equal to 150watts. Thx in advance! :smoke:
  2. The actual wattage and not the equal is what is important. Thats just used as a comparison to what a incadesent bulb puts out for consumers.
  3. Cheffa09: since you're growing in dirt you might want to read SeeMoreBuds book, "MARIJUANA BUDS FOR LESS." He'll ask most of your questions before you get a chance to ask them. Hank
  4. thx for the replies but nobody answered my question lol, is that enuff?

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