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Question about home depot + drug testing

Discussion in 'General' started by Motoxridah, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Hi, I just got a call from home depot they want to interview me this Wednesday at 5pm. I used the search button and couldnt find this anywhere. I know home depot tests, but does anyone know if they do it on the 1st interview? I dont want to take a detox drink and find out that the test isnt for another few days after the 1st interview. If anyone has worked there, or knows anyone, can you please let me know. I have two days. Thanks
  2. alright your in luck. i used to work for home depot call center. first of all. not one company ive EVER worked for drug tests on the first interview. they have to give you notice. you have to go to a clinic or a blood testing place to do it anyway. just get the whizzinator its 100% full proof. whizzinator dot com its never failed me. they arent going to pay for a drug test for you unless they hire you.
  3. yeah but the whizzinator is $150. Yikes. Thats a lot of money especially for someone who has no money in the first place (thats why im looking for a job)
  4. So just make sure the test is over a week away and pop some niacin each day and drink a lot of water and work out... Annnd don't smoke! lol you'll be good and just think of it like a T-break, and you'll get moneYYY!!!! :D
  5. nah my homie just got a job there.

    not on the first interview.. theyll give you notice on when and where and such.
  6. I just had an interview at home depot last friday.

    After the interview they handed me the papers and told me to go take the test , and the testing facility closed within a few hours.

    Good thing I roll with the synthetic urine.
  7. Last time I was interviewed and asked to get a drug test I told them I was busy until next week and they said okay. I still failed. :smoking:
  8. :laughing: Are you sure you want to work there with us? Home Depot is a crazy place to work. And I don't even really work there. I'm a vendor.
  9. lol you're a vendor. i used to be one. but in lowes. same difference. crazy people.
  10. Haha...yup, they (we) are crazy. I like my job, though.
  11. ya after working tech support doing support for the people who DO work at the home depots I definately would never work at a home depot. If you dont have a felony you can do better.

  12. What's wrong with working there? Good pay, good benefits, flexible hours. Whats not to like?
  13. this is my 1st week there. i got my interview about 2 weeks ago. and i took my drug test 4 days after the interview at some clinic.. luckily im not addicted to weed anymore and only smoked once a week and a half before the test. so it was nothing for me to pass
  14. thank god! How was detox?:p:p
  15. just drank water. i didnt have much weed in my system since i only smoked once
  16. you really don't need the whizzinator for a job test that's gonna be unobserved. $20-$30 at your local head shop should get you synthetic urine + warming pad.

  17. That's what I keep sayin :D.

    I even used the cheap synthetic and it worked fine, Ace synthetic is like 10-15$/cheaper than quick fix and it comes from the same facility so I just keep one around.

  18. How long goes it take for you to get the results if you passed the drug test or not? does home depot call you and let you know???? pllllease someone tell me! :confused:
  19. typically it would be 3-5 days. And someone should call you after the results come back to setup training schedule, etc.
  20. Thank you!! I was starting to get anxiety, thinking it takes 1-3 days. But I guess I'll wait and hopefully im hired!.

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