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Question about hits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by m18, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Is there a difference or any benefits between taking say 5 small hits out of a bowl vs 2 big hits? Will it get you higher etc.. Or the same
  2. its pretty much the same

  3. I'm from CT too where you at?
  4. 2 big hits, would essentially get you high quicker. Because of the denser smoke molecules that go into your lungs. 5 small hits, i think, would get you higher for longer, but will take more time until you feel it. this is my guess :)
  5. From my experiments, 2 gets you higher but not for as long
  6. tecnically it depends on how much u actually smoke, if a big hit for you burns most of the bowl, youll probably get higher. like others said if u take small hits youll get close to the same amount of THC, just spread out so ull probably go into your high easier and itll probably last longer
  7. I feel like as long as you smoke the same amount the difference isn't very much. Also with big hits some people don't clear things like bongs which pisses me off. Just clear it
  8. Hmm trying to decide what to smoke tonight have some blue cheese and some lemon kush.

  9. Blue cheese mannn, look at the blue cheese I had last week bro

  10. the granby, simsbury, avon, canton, farmington area. dont want to get more specific than that ;)
  11. Heh I live 5 minutes away from Canton................GA. :D

  12. Ah cool I'm in the Oxford / Ansonia area

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