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Question about hash? (Medical cannabis patient)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Snyder24, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I am using hash for the first time for pain from a military injury I got a few years ago, and I had some questions.

    So I had this hash tested at Halient Labs and Green Culture Grow and it came out at 55.13% THC, is that good? I posted a pic (below), I am paying $80 for 3 grams, and want to know what this sounds like to you guys.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. thats about 27 ish per gram, yea man thats really good considering most people get like 15-20% thc bud for 20/g
  3. Hey Mr. Bong - Thanks for the info, let me ask you - Does this look like good hash to you? In the picture? Because I've never smoked hash before so I didn't know what to look for like trichomes when buying bud.

    If you could let me know what you see (i know its a bad pic, iphone =/) i'd really appreciate it!
  4. Basically the highest the THC content goes for hash is about 70%, so 55% is good.
  5. Thanks Burton, can you tell me your opinion of the hash that I got today? It's in the picture, but I want to know that someone else can verify it looks like good hash.
  6. it looks like some good hash man.

  7. yea that looks like pretty good hash man i would love to get what you get, and dude hash is all trichomes
  8. Doozyy - oh ok, thanks man! =P I'm trying some hash oil tomorrow at $25/gram, so I gotta see how that is!
  9. Does it help with the pain? if so then it's good. Now the non smart ass answer yes it looks good especially for what you paid
  10. Pure hash is golden-yellow-brownish, if its more green then it's not as pure, that hash looks very good and tasty. Enjoy!

  11. You will be fucked out of your mind :smoking::smoking:

    Only tried it once, was amazing. Unfortunately its not something street dealers usually have in stock lol
  12. oil for 25/g damn what state is that? im thinking about moving to colorado if this missouri legalization bill doesnt pass in 2012

  13. he is a medical patient, look at title lol
  14. It's a few shades lighter than a brown crayon.

  15. Oh I know. Just lamenting my current situation :p
  16. I would smoke the shit out of that hash.
  17. phil3 - Yeah I take it for pain because my only other alternative = Oxycontin, and no way im going near that stuff. I figure as long as Doc says it's okay, I'm good =).

    But being new to the cannabis scence, I didn't want any dispensaries or anything to try to rip me off. I wouldn't want to come here and see that I overpaid or anything. =)
  18. Fortunately, dispensaries are honest people whos job is to help the patients, not rip them off. It's not the street where you can get ripped off, they consider you a patient in dispensaries so they treat you awesome and give you good deals.

  19. thats only going to happen with street dealers really so i wouldnt worry about that
  20. Haha ok fair enough =].

    Yeah I'm gonna try a paper clip + hash oil + a cig. See how that goes =)

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