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  1. well I grew bud from seeds i got from middies (weeds wit seeds, bad quality) and the females turned out pretty bad (but it was because i didnt use good lighting and not good enough care). My questoin is, if i grow these seeds and i have females, and i grew them professionaly as in using high power lights and CO2 and everything, will the quality be high quality weed? (at least KB, as in dank but not FUNK) i know there are strains of weeds that are famous but my friend told me that although most weeds will not be as good as brand name weeds, it depends on how its grown by the grower that the quality changes. so is it possible to get good weed out of bad seeds? if its females?
  2. not bustin your chops bud,,,, but you should throw this question in the ''GENERAL INDOOR GROWING SECTION''/////

    theys some chill blades,,, in thier that will be glad to answer your questions,,,, and help you ''IMMENSLY'' FROM begiining to end,,,, on any topis you want to suggest,,,,

    keep my name in mind,,, p.m. me if you have a question,,,, im a ''experinced inside farmer...'' look at my gallery,

    ill answer what i can my new blade,, '' grower''............ good luck,,,,but throw it in it's ''section'' //////////

    im sure youll get a response from the general section,,,, we are a ''cool'' group,,, no matter what section your in,,,,,,,,,,, [​IMG] heres a little snap of one of my girls...........
  3. oh oops i didnt know there was one..kinda new to this site thanks for the info

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